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Comment Re:Could you at least hint what "Pocket" is? (Score 5, Informative) 199

"...the manner in which videos, articles or content has been accessed, saved and shared. We may use aggregated information to offer a list of top sites or content, or to make suggestions to our users or to report on usage and trends. We may also analyze and use aggregated information to improve the products and services that we offer, and to develop new products and services. "


It's written a bit slimy, making strong statements then giving really innocent examples. I'm reading it while trying to keep in mind that a service to store your bookmarks is going to have to have a privacy policy which allows them to store your bookmarks.

Everything free is malware these days, and many things paid.

Comment Re:War on Science and Data (Score 1) 284

"anytime we elect a majority government we are effectively living in a dictatorship."

Radical reform would be lovely, just like world peace. If you have a suggestion on how to achieve it, great. Until then, at least I know my MP will have input during this parliament, because Trudeau is a puppet of the party, the party being comprised of many people collaborating and thinking through issues for their mutual political benefit.

the Conservative party under Harper was unhealthy, MPs were destroyed for speaking their mind, thrown onto the back bench and "official candidate" status was revoked from people who didn't tow the line.

Comment Re:War on Science and Data (Score 1) 284

The former progressive conservatives were a little right of center. The Canadian Reform Alliance a.k.a. the amalgamation of the PCs and Harper's Western Reform party were much further right of center. The Harper majority was a terribly right-of-center dictatorship which used lies and pandered to racists to secure and extend their powers.

Comment Re:Our plan for open and fair government (Score 1) 284

I'm no fan of Trudeau, but I'll take what I can get.

Apparently scientists are allowed to talk to the media without getting the answers reviewed by Harper's people first now:

A return to sanity seems to be a heroic effort these days.

Comment Re:"Impossible" for Apple (Score 1) 225

I'm not sure they're denying that:

"In court papers, Apple said that for the 90 percent of its devices running iOS 8 or higher, granting the Justice Department's request "would be impossible to perform" after it strengthened encryption methods."

When the courts ask "can you provide us with the key for this device?", the answer isn't "yes, theoretically, we could, if we invested millions of dollars and years of effort, there's a possibility to crack it", the answer is "no, we are not able to."

Comment Re:"Feminists" (Score 1) 373

I got that impression when you said:

"There's feminists out there who think... So what they do is do something about it..."

"The MRAs do no such thing."

One can't be a person who does something and does nothing at the same time.

Proper feminists face some challenges in the people who've taken up the case.... we're at a point where calling yourself a feminist is something which should be done in hushed tones in academic circles, otherwise some boor will appear "I'M A FEMINIST TOO!!! Damn those men!"

As for MRA... you don't even have to call yourself one and you'll be kicked to the floor. Just mention "Homelessness, suicide, prison, and all of the worst and most dangerous jobs." and somebody will call you an MRA, link you to unspeakable peers and spend hours sadistically and gleefully burning that straw man.

Comment "Feminists" (Score 1) 373

"Where are the MRAs setting up homeless shelters, suicide prevention schemes or education and training to get men out of those dangerous jobs into better ones?"

Just like people who set up women's shelters (i.e., men and women, "feminist" or not), people work on setting up regular homeless shelters, suicide prevention schemes and ... not training, but standards, regulations, unions and lawsuits against companies with unsafe practices. Nobody should care about their gender or if those people call themselves "feminists" or MRAs.

And what makes you think that feminists can't also be men's rights activists?

Comment Re:I'm going to make this easy for you! (Score 1) 470

I dunno, 10 years ago if I were emailing somebody like, I would assume that it's not their official email address, and I would be comfortable asking "what's your work address?, I've got official stuff to send you."

Actually, I feel like I'm doing it every other day these days, with all these stupid people putting private information in gmail accounts.

Comment Re:Lose lose situation... (Score 1) 399

It's hard to imagine how they could refuse him entry.

"Give us your passwords or we won't let you go."

"Am I under arrest?"


"Am I free to go?"


"Do you know what it means to be under arrest?"

"You're not under arrest, you're being detained."

"Oh, I see, a different word is being used. That makes it okay then."

"Why am I being detained?"

"We can't tell you."

"Can I watch while you use my passwords?"


"What if you insert sensitive material on my computer?"


"I don't know, the stuff you're looking for?"


"Can I have a lawyer?"


"I refuse to talk further."

"You must talk, else you'll make it VERY HARD ON YOURSELF."

"Don't I have the right to remain silent or something?"


"Ok, here's my political life on file, feel free to screw it all up. Can I have your name to sue you if you leak sensitive information?"


"It's a good thing you're letting me go after examining my data... my constituents have potholes which need filling!"

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