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Comment: Re:Games versus reality (Score 2) 393

by Dr. Evil (#48810633) Attached to: Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

"Don't let businesses run homeless people off who are trying to get out of the cold"

Damn right. Screw those bourguois minimum wage kids trying to make it through school cleaning vomit and filth out of bathrooms by people who view the coffee shop where they warmed up as the enemy!

Can't reason with crazy.

Comment: Re:Games versus reality (Score 1) 393

by Dr. Evil (#48810583) Attached to: Is 'SimCity' Homelessness a Bug Or a Feature?

"while they step over the clinging-desperately-to-life 'problem' all around them."

The *most* pathetic looking and in-your-face are conmen and criminals. Giving money is a transaction where they sell you a show where you can feel like you've done something good. In reality, you've just encouraged a beggar who fought for that premium corner.

Many of the people with real problems are quieter, and some of them don't even live on the streets. But hey, entitlement comes with believing that being on the street gives you some kind of credibility.

Mental illness is the real problem, and for those who can't fit into the mold of alcoholism, drug abuse, depression or schizophrenia, defiantly homeless should be considered a mental illness. It's certainly not making you or the people around you happy.

Few countries are equipped to deal with mental illness, so people live hard and die on the streets, and that's horrible.

Comment: Re:JavaScript is the high level C (Score 1) 245

by Dr. Evil (#48802503) Attached to: PHP vs. Node.js: the Battle For Developer Mind Share

"PHP is a bit so-so. It does its job, but doesn't really offer anything new or innovative language wise"

Prior to PHP, people were writing CGIs. Language-wise doesn't really matter, there was no interpreted inline-C-for HTML html preprocessor without smashable stacks by default.

Coming from the embedded world and C/C++, I think you're forgetting how much discipline you need to write in C or C++. Most people can't do it without a serious learning curve coming from PHP or Javascript.

Comment: Re:Go Nuclear (Score 1) 560

by Dr. Evil (#48720681) Attached to: 2014: Hottest Year On Record

" least in the given example, neither current grid power nor wind power is capable of doing the stated job..."

Not sure where you live, the grid is very reliable where I am.

Gas, coal and nuclear are today's technology for meeting demand.

If you take out nuclear, you're not helping fossil fuel emissions.

Comment: Re:But *are* there enough eyes? (Score 1) 255

Depends on the company. They can also disappear leaving you without support, decide to abandon the product as non-strategic, or ask you to upgrade when you don't need to.

Which FOSS project you adopt is equally important. A while ago I was looking for a simple FOSS file upload utility, I found one, installed it, read through the sourceforge site, used it for a good year. Then when somebody was looking for a similar utility, I searched for the utility and found a 5 year old CVE which allowed arbitrary files to be overwritten. The project was still being actively downloaded and there was no mention of it in the forum. I tested my site, found myself vulnerable, and notified the maintainer... no response.

In hindsight, the vulnerability in the code was glaringly obvious. I *assumed* that a popular project would use basic input validation, or would update the code when a CVE is released... but no.

Just because there are no patches, negative comments in the forums, and it's a popular project doesn't mean that here's not a major, *glaring*, well-known vulnerability.

Same applies for closed source I suppose, but if the company is active, there's an incentive to disclose major vulnerabilities to subscribed customers, else they could be sued out of existence.

Comment: Re:Go Nuclear (Score 1, Insightful) 560

by Dr. Evil (#48717075) Attached to: 2014: Hottest Year On Record

It sounds like you don't have an example. Nuclear, Coal and Gas have been doing it for decades. Hydro has been doing it for longer.

Rejecting nuclear for wind and solar means burning oil, gas and coal until wind and solar are able to handle baseloads. Nuclear plants are being replaced with coal, oil and gas plants as we speak.

Note that "renewable" in this graph goes back to the 1950's and includes hydroelectric.

I don't see renewables replacing anything any time soon. Only nuclear can reduce the carbon emissions significantly.

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