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Comment: Re:Lets all congratulate Oisin Tymon (Score 1) 660

by Dr. Evil (#49354297) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

"Or should it be Judas ?"

He doesn't seem to have any say in the matter:


I think some care should be taken that the guy doesn't get blamed for killing the show. Oison's triply a victim here. Bashed in the face by an abusive star, accused of killing the show by a rabid fanbase, and will probably be out of a job when the show ends.... hopefully employable.

+1 for Netflix. I think the show should move on. The BBC has limits and I think they're doing the right thing here.

Comment: Re:APPLE (Score 1) 400

by Dr. Evil (#49354225) Attached to: Millennial Tech Workers Losing Ground In US

I'd flub your interview with my iPhone, but you'd never know that I had a drawer full of Android and Blackberry devices.

iOS? I would never hold it against them. Reliable phones with reasonable defaults, and you don't have to root them to back them up. OTOH, I would be skeptical of a tech who had a non-rooted Android phone. It shows a lack of care for privacy, security and reliability. For one, I know that they sent my contact info to Google and it's already mingling with the Google+ data to build a social network.

Then, an applicant who's rooted their Android and hacked it to death... while job hunting, seems to not understand what it is to tinker with a production systems. They're lucky if their phone hasn't crashed or isn't out of battery by the time they get a call.

Somebody who's customized Android to their liking, firewalled their apps, de-Googled and can reproducibly customize other Android phones to stable settings... that shows some thought and skill.

But any Android bigot I've met has been an underemployed tinkerer who's had their priorities mixed up. iPhones are good phones, lucrative platforms and good techs recognize that.

Comment: Re:The BBC doesn't have much latitude here. (Score 2) 660

by Dr. Evil (#49345769) Attached to: Jeremy Clarkson Dismissed From Top Gear

"the BBC really has no choice, and the blame should be placed on Clarkson for being an idiot. But that doesn't change the fact that losing Clarkson will kill Top Gear. He made the show what it is."

Sums it up perfectly for me.

Kill the show. It's lost its edge. Maybe find a new group of guys who work well together on screen and create a new show, but it will have to be different in its own way, else it will be like Top Gear USA or something equally bland and derivative.

Comment: Re:caveat emptor (Score 1) 264

Yeah, this is not an access issue, it's more the research skills of the parents.

Even without the talk page, the assertion that people are sending their kids to school while unable to afford food and shelter, much less Internet access is a bit... ignorant. Education is not cheap. SIM cards and data are cheap in India, even by local standards, at least for those who have enough to consider sending their kids to school. A quick search on vodaphone.in puts 1G of data for 30 days at around $4USD without a contract. Indian GDP is low, but not *THAT* low.

Footwork and telephone calls are reasonable research tools too. If parents are themselves uneducated, they'll have difficulty making decisions about an institution. Not because uneducated == stupid, but because it means they don't know what to look for when checking out an institution.

It would be nice to hear from someone in India on this, it's not like they're not part of the Slashdot community. 15,000 people dont' screw this up because they're stupid. Something deeper is at play and I don't think the Wikipedia Zero explanation makes sense.

Comment: Re:Most degrees from India... (Score 2) 264

It's handy to have an Indian coworker to vet their degree. Last coworker I had from India had a masters but spelled like he was on a q9 keyboard.

We did the same for applicants citing Chinese degrees or to call about job experience. They should be happy we had somebody who knew the schools, spoke the language and could make the calls, it often worked in their favour, but sometimes it spotted a fraud.

Sadly if somebody can only cite a random foreign school and experience and if nobody can vet them, I'll pass on the applicant. The immigrant experience is not easy.

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