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Comment: Re:yet more biblical contradictions (Score 1) 916

by Dr. Cody (#39062065) Attached to: Why People Don't Live Past 114

Actually, he traded immortality for the knowledge of good and evil. Essentially for a loss of innocence. Pretty crappy trade if you ask me.

Also, it is fairly certain that Adam and Eve were banging regularly already. (They were both naked, physically mature, and had all the functional bits as far as we know.)

So he traded immortality for the knowledge of kinky sex?

+ - Best Practices For Testing A Site Redesign?

Submitted by Petey_Alchemist
Petey_Alchemist (711672) writes "We recently decided to redesign our website. We hired a skilled designer, and all of our web people like his mockups. But office leadership wants some data as to whether our users will.

What are best practices for finding out what users think of a new website vs and old website? A/B test the entire damn site and hope to make sense of the metrics? Focus groups with photoshop mockups? Something else? How do smart organizations test new designs before / as they roll them out?"

Comment: Units of measurement on "Mythbusters" (Score 1) 2288

by Dr. Cody (#35895166) Attached to: Why Does the US Cling To Imperial Measurements?

What is even worse, is scientific shows like Mythbusters use BOTH systems. Usually they use metric, usually it's F but sometimes it's C. Weighs usually pounds, but they also have used (kilo)grammes. Distance is usually inches and feet, but when bouncing a baseball they were measuring the bounce in cm - while other parts of the same experiment were using inches and feet.

There is no consistency, and that alone can give rise to errors. It doesn't really matter whether one uses cm or inches, or C or F as long as it's consistent. Forget to write down the unit once, and it's guesswork that's left. Have a thermometer with both scales - oops which scale were we using again this time?

You write "(kilo)grammes," so it's possible you're watching it on UK television. The US and Europe (in countries that don't dub or lector) have two different voiceovers, and the European one translates all the US customary figures to metric. It's not as unnatural in the US broadcast.

It's still pretty jarring television; you're right about that.

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