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Comment: Re:Hot Glue Guns (Score 1) 175

by Pharmboy (#48615937) Attached to: 3D Printer?

And they can't afford $500 for a phone or $800 on a game console but they still do. $1000 is within reach of enough people to be called "consumer grade". That doesn't mean everyone can afford it. Not everyone can even afford a computer, but we still consider them consumer goods.

Comment: Re:Blame Canada! (Score 1) 105

by neiras (#48574453) Attached to: Canadian Supreme Court Rules In Favor of Warrantless Cellphone Searches

As a Canadian, I *want* to blame the USA for blazing the trail to idiotic ant-citizen laws and showing the old men who run our country how much they can screw with a lazy population with no fear of reprisals.

But it's our own fault for allowing this to happen.

So angry. The battle is engineering in the public interest versus government. We will have no victories in the halls of power, that much is clear.

Comment: Re:In some businesses (Score 1) 2

by neiras (#48449245) Attached to: Both NY and LA Times write that Silicon Valley can't find enough talent.

In some businesses when there aren't enough job applicants, they offer more money.

This. The major companies have an interest in keeping tech wages down and they act in that interest every day.

All these educational initiatives like Those are to increase the supply of tech workers, thus lowering the value of each worker. In the meantime, they pretend they can't find applicants and bring over immigrants from the second and third world who'll work cheaply and lower wage expectations for everyone else.

Devalue a skillset while exploiting those who have it - that's the corporate way.

This is the battle of the management (generalist) class against the specialist class (us). It's a subduction game. They're pretty transparent in their methods, and they are consistently winning.

Maybe we need to go medieval, form a technologist guild, and take control of our own job market. Oh wait, that sounds like a union. Naah, tech workers hate unions - we're all precocious superintelligent individualist experts who don't need the support of our peers, right? And dues, man, we don't want to pay dues, that's for dumb factory workers, right? Riiight.

Carry on, then, let's all keep bending over together.

+ - Both NY and LA Times write that Silicon Valley can't find enough talent. 2

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "The New York Times has featured Zenefits in an article about the need for more H1-B visas, because they can't find enough qualified U.S. workers to fill their active positions, even after President Obama's recent Executive Actions. The Los Angeles Times has done similarly. Why are so many jobs, primarily in Silicon Valley it seems, going unfilled in 2014?"

Comment: Re:Cocoa futures (Score 1) 323

by Pharmboy (#48397525) Attached to: MARS, Inc: We Are Running Out of Chocolate

That was my thinking. Maybe we have giant silos of cacao, and those are dwindling, although I lack the imagination to think this is literally true. The whole premise looks like a reason to raise prices and profits.

If the world is eating more chocolate, it means the world is getting richer. Not many in China would be eating chocolate regularly 20 years ago, Same could be said of other areas.

Regardless, the math doesn't add up, particularly the future estimations of us consuming a million tons more than we make. The only place you see that kind of math is typically in the Ministry of Truth.

Star Wars Prequels

Sketches Released of New Star Wars Museum 65

Posted by samzenpus
from the that's-no-museum dept.
An anonymous reader writes Chicago has some great museums, but none have architecture that excite me as much as the renderings (read "storyboards, not blueprints," but they're also called "plans," which I hope means they're pretty accurate) of George Lucas's Star Wars museum. Technically, it's the "George Lucas Museum of Narrative Art," but we know what he means, and these pictures only make the point clearer. Says the Associated Press story, "The Beijing-based principal designer, Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, released the first sketches Tuesday. The seven-story museum will be located between Soldier Field and McCormick Place on Lake Michigan. It's expected to cost about $400 million. Ma has said it's the most important project of his career to date."

Comment: Two thoughts (Score 1) 287

by soft_guy (#48213749) Attached to: Will the Google Car Turn Out To Be the Apple Newton of Automobiles?
Why do we have to assume we can't make any changes to the nature of traffic lights to make them more easily machine readable? Since it requires a car with a lot of cameras to maintain the road information accurate enough for the self driving car, why would lots of cars with fewer cameras do an equally good job? For things like potholes, we can't self driving cars report information about how smooth a particular path along the road is so that pot holes are mapped?

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