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Comment The Advertisers can ${verb} themselves (Score 1) 307

${verb} = "blame"

The advertisers can blame themselves for this.

At first there was the web. Unsoiled and uncontaminated by ads. Great websites emerged. Ads came along to help pay the bills.

Then came all of the despicable things that go with advertising.

There are no limits to what advertisers will stoop to. Nothing too low, too slimy, or too shady. There is no shame.

First it started with deceptive 'punch the monkey' type ads. Almost a form of phishing. Try to con the user into clicking the ad. Then that degenerated into ads that looked like windows of a particular popular desktop operating system in order to con people into clicking the ad. When you have to con people with an ad, you're doing something wrong.

Ads for obvious scams. YOUR COMPUTER MAY HAVE BEEN INFECTED! (infected by this ad!)

And there was the tracking. I don't know if advertisers or the government are worse when wanting to observe everything you do.

And why would an advertiser wanting to put pixels in front of my face need to execute code on my computer?

And then came the ads that dominate the entire page. And then there were short articles split on to fifteen pages, each tiny page having a HUGE ad in the middle of it. No thanks. Not even worth reading.

Then came the ad driven pages that pretend to say something useful, but really do not. Did you know that if you write the same bit of code twice that it would be better to write a single routine and call it from the multiple locations where the duplicate code was? Did you know you should not touch hot stoves? If the batteries in the server room catch fire, it would be best, in the interests of time to skip the fire response pre-meeting and get directly to the fire response meeting so that a decision can be made about whether the fire should be extinguished, and if so, how best to do so.

Then came companies who buy useful web sites. Don't understand what they have. Don't understand the visitors. How the site is used by the visitors. And think that the visitors are some kind of 'audience'. In the process they destroy the value of what they bought. Typical of managers always doing this to geeks. It's like the bee keepers thinking they own the bees. The bees can produce valuable honey if the bee boxes are useful, but the bees are also free to leave at any time. But I digress.

If the advertisers don't like the state of ad blocking, they have only themselves to blame. People did not bother to block ads at first. Some, myself included, even welcomed them to a point. Look at that goose that lays golden eggs! Let's put PVC piping through that goose so we can shove in food and get much more golden eggs out the other end!
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Journal Journal: Chronicle: Friend asked me to sell a few blades and comics

A friend of mine moved to another country and asked that a friend and i sell a sword, some knives, and a bunch of comic books for him, basically all in very good to excellent condition. We agreed, i waited, the friend never came through. So now, on a whim, i decided i had to take care of this already. While ebay shows me prices, it can be misleading and discouraging. So, i'm treading slowly.

Of the 4 knives, i'm not sure one of them is legal in my state. The other 3 seem fine:

Comment Odisha, you say? DigitalGREEN is there. (Score 1) 218

Given that USAID partnered with DigitalGREEN to teach them to wash hands before feeding children (but after handling cow pies) by showing videos on a lappy with small digital projector, you may want to talk to someone at DigitalGREEN.

Comment Re: Sadly it doesnt fix the problems... (Score 1) 44

Ummm... Don't buy stuff that doesn't do standards?

So what do you buy if zero of the brands in the store near you do standards? Wait until you have $35 of other stuff and then wait another week or two for Super Saver Shipping?

Um...yeah, that's exactly what you do. Aside from the cost of gas and sales tax probably eating your savings on shipping, "gotta have it now" is a privilege for which you have to pay the this case, by getting crappy kit.

Besides which, if you planned your deployment thoroughly, instead of buying it piecemeal, you'd probably be over the $35 threshold anyway.

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