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Comment Matrox dual/triplehead? (Score 1) 80

No one here has used these?

They need power and they're semi bulky (about the size of two decks of cards) but there's a VGA and HDMI version, they have no lag, they're cross platform.Lots of configuration and resolution options as well-- especially helpful if you have differently sized monitors.

Video techs and staging crews use them for video presentations or video installations. And the price point is better.

Comment History of Comics: "Ten Cent Plague" (Score 1) 165

With the risk of un-hijacking this thread I notice you didn't specify comic book reading suggestions, just reading suggestions connected with comic books and a certain period of history. There's a couple great histories of the pre-comics code comic book industry: The Ten Cent Plague-- The Great Comic-Book Scare and How It Changed America

You can also check out Men of Tomorrow: Geeks, Gangsters, and the Birth of the Comic Book I didn't read the first, but it's supposed to be pretty good. The second focuses on some of the cool and quirky characters that really were the founders of a new industry. I found it entertaining and inspiring.

Comment ads == money laundering (Score 1) 347

you would think that the money involved would bring creativity, but it's quite the opposite. Keep in mind ad agencies are slaves to their clients (the days of renegade "mad men" are long gone, and I suspect their gonzo reputation of yesteryear was a fabrication) and as a result the typical creative process is:

--Look at the ad trade magazines from last year.
--See which ads "did the best" which really means, which ads all the other advertisers ranked the highest.
--Do exactly that same ad, but tweak it for whatever pop culture thing is hitting as of six months ago.
--The metric ad agencies give to their clients is not how much product got moved-- it's what "rating" their superbowl ad got.

The superbowl is a money laundering scheme for advertisers-- it's very incestuous and the only real beneficiaries of the superbowl are the ad agencies. Certainly not football fans.

Submission + - SnapChat turns down 3 Billion offer from Facebook ( 1

Dr Herbert West writes: For those who don't know, the way Snapchat works is that you send a message—text photo, whatever—to a friend or group of friends. But instead of the message being persistent, it "disappears" rather quickly. The young 'uns like it because it's a superior method of sexting that doesn't leave yourself open to incriminating pictures of yourself circulating online.

The general consensus is that it's a mistake to turn down the offer since Snapchat has no revenue and doesn't seem like a promising ad service... but possibly the 23 year old founder may have felt that a threatening acquisition would ruin the platform (think Flickr and Yahoo).

Cash out early, or "dare to dream big"-- what do Slashdotters think?

Comment Re:Good Lord... (Score 1) 274

You, sir, are a do-er of good. If more people would treat advertising as the noise it is, rather than an annoyance to be endured (we kill mosquitos, don't we? Why put up with ads?) the world would be a better place.

Before someone flames me for "Won't someone think of teh jobz", full disclaimer: I'm occasionally employed by ad agencies. Can't stand it... til I get the paycheck.

Comment Re:Easy (Score 1) 235

You're completely right-- and sometimes it's a real bummer when we show up at the place (stadium, concert hall, ballroom, corn field, whatevs) and all the info we need to set up boils down to "isn't that a power outlet over there? It is! Good luck!"

Hence, the comparison to someone getting back from Ikea with an electric couch and setting it up with... instructions in Swedish?.

Comment Re:Long term document access (Score 1) 403

Mod this up! Professionals in the field often have to refer to or re-use assets from previous jobs-- do you think those stupid superbowl robots you see every year are re-built from scratch?

What happens when a deadline hits and a quick re-skin turns into a total rebuild because Adobe's servers went down that week... or Adobe has gone out of business?

One picture is worth 128K words.