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Comment: Undergrad, yes; grad school not so much (Score 1) 201

by damn_registrars (#46796549) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Hungry Students, How Common?
I was squeaking by in undergrad, working various part time jobs to pay the bills. I took longer than most to finish my BS but made it through without having to take out any student loans.

For grad school I was a married man, which helped. I was also given a tuition waiver and a $20k stipend which also helped. I knew plenty of people who did OK on the stipend living alone as well; not great but a tolerable existence. After all, the stipend is intentionally kept on the meager side to encourage you to get out of grad school.

Comment: Re:Bullshit (Score 2) 260

by drinkypoo (#46795795) Attached to: Beer Price Crisis On the Horizon

The article is sensationalism. You don't have to install at each brewery. Someone builds one processor, and inserts it between the many breweries and the many farms.

So now you want the breweries to pay to have it sent to a processor, and have the cost go up dramatically, even though this stuff is food which was approved for human consumption and it's been boiled, so there's just no reason for that to happen. The breweries can legally make it into bread on the premises and sell it to humans but you don't want it to be fed to animals.

Comment: Re:Porsche Boxster E (Score 1) 348

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You'd probably want to use a pretty fat piece of fiber, because automotive cables get flexed and abraded and you'd want protection. Ideally, you'd make a loop, and it would be fault-tolerant. On the plus side, you don't need much in the way of data rates; infotainment needs to be on a separate bus anyway. But it's a great idea, for sure. I'd prefer one fat wire for power, though. Everything can ground through the chassis since all the signals are going through the fiber.

Comment: North Korea is not a communist state (Score 3, Interesting) 145

by damn_registrars (#46795189) Attached to: Russia Writes Off 90 Percent of North Korea Debt
It was founded by Kim Il-Sung, who had communist ideals, yes. However it has ventured far, far, away from those ideals. Indeed the present day US is vastly closer to being an ideal free-market state than North Korea is to being anything that can be approximated as being close to actual communism.

Comment: Re:Porsche Boxster E (Score 1) 348

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The sad thing is that there's an easy way to save weight on wiring. It's called moving to a higher voltage. Audi is already unafraid to make your battery expensive. A simple regulator provides 12V power to systems that require it, and moving literally all of the lighting to LED solves the lamp availability problem and is long overdue in any case, on any vehicle where it is not present.

Another way would be to distribute networked controllers more throughout the car. This just doesn't have to be expensive any more. It does complicate repairs, but Audi is unafraid to complicate repairs, as well.

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I know you are, but what am I?

Smitty, that tactic may be cute when grade school kids use it on each other, but it smacks of desperation (at the very least) when adults play that card. You need a new strategy here; I suggest you try going back to discussing topics that you are knowledgeable - or at least interested in becoming knowledgeable - on.

Comment: Re:WTF? (Score 1) 170

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But we were talking about mitigating measures. That is almost never patch and recompile, it's things like turning off a service, changing the firewall rules

But we're talking about this in the context of Heartbleed, where pre-patch mitigation involved disabling critical services... A patch is what was needed here, and nothing else would suit.

Comment: Re:Porsche Boxster E (Score 1) 348

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Out of curiosity, what do you think of Audi's recent decision to save weight by switching from copper to aluminum wiring? Every instinct I have tells me not to trust it.

I have found a shitpot of broken COPPER wires on my 1997 A8, in places like the wiring leading to the left side knock sensor which doesn't even flex much since it's attached to the fuel rail. I guarantee you that it will go badly.

Comment: Re:Don't over-credit King George III (Score 1) 20

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I don't know if you are smitty, writing as an AC, or just some AC copying smitty (and his silly twitter tag that nobody else finds to be the least bit connected to reality).

That said:

I believe that what we are currently doing is not working and we need to try something else. I also believe that guns are a terrible choice for self-defense and we should do something about the mentality that tells so many people otherwise.

If there was any correlation between gun sales and gun violence, then the country should have already depopulated itself

There you go, making assumptions based on your own assumptions about me. Gun control means a lot of different things, and it does not mean they all have to happen simultaneously (or ever).

The fact of the matter is though, we have a lot of guns in this country. And they most certainly don't help to reduce our per capita crime rates.

When every mortal, perishable falsehood has failed, there is always the eternal truth of Christ.

Ahh, yes. WWJC - What Would Jesus Carry? I remember the New Testament book of Uzi where he mowed down those sinners, that was a personal favorite of mine. Let no righteous man go unarmed to the mall, and all that, right?

Comment: Re:Don't over-credit King George III (Score 1) 20

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I'll take your topical tap-dance as: "I got nothin'".

You made more sense when you went for the one-word replies. I just directly pointed out how desperately you perpetuate a long list of conspiracy theories without concern for the confines of the legal requirements for removal of the POTUS or even the calling of a grand jury. This has been the most glaring weakness of essentially all of your arguments for the past 6 years - it is utterly transparent that you will stop at nothing to throw out any politician whose name is followed by a (D), regardless of whether or not there is a moonshot chance at getting enough evidence for a grand jury hearing on such a matter. You also have shown that you don't see constitutional protections as being relevant to anyone with that cursed fourth letter, and are willing to keep calling new investigations and new trials until well past the end of time.

Your bit about tap dancing is a far better description of you avoiding the failures of your own arguments.

I'm just glad that the criminal justice system in this country doesn't work the way you want it to, or our government would have gone broke on corrections costs many decades ago.

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What the "balancing" boils down to is that you get fired if you are an apostate from the new progressive groupthink.

Isn't Eich in the same trajectory as Phil Robertson and Chick-Fil-A?

But again, why do you care about those issues when the person on the receiving end is a veteran of your conservative camp, and not at all when they are not? I'm willing to give you enough slack to say that maybe you weren't following the legions of other conservatives who were falsely blowing around bullshit about these being first amendment matters - although if that is the case then the question of why you are replying to this thread at all remains open.

I've no more argued that Eich is a First Amendment issue than I have the other two.

So then why are you replying to this thread? This thread is about freedom of speech as extended by the first amendment.

As usual, I wish you'd quit being an apologist for Conservatives, who are running around ranting about the Etruscan/Atlantean alliance, the planned over-running of the country with komodo dragons, and the threat of being enslaved by pygmies from Bulungi and forced to carve Easter Island heads from the Rockies, to be arrayed across the midwest so as to spell "Eat At Joes" when viewed from geosynchronous orbit.

If we replace "conservatives" with "progressives" that statement would read like a summary of the conspiracy theories that you have been advocating here.

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