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Comment Re:Battle #2, the insurance companies. (Score 1) 153

Case in point, I just checked my own health plan's website, and if I wanted to go on Truvada, it would cost me $1762.61 for a 90-day supply.

Rounding to make the math simple... $600 a month is a car payment, for a fairly expensive car. In some places, that could be an entire rent check or even mortgage payment. That's overtly extortionate for a life-saving preventative treatment. And I, at least, would have *some* coverage for it. According to, retail pricing runs about $1500 per 30-days. That rises up to a C. Montgomery Burns level of inhumanity.

Want to keep your luxury car, then spend $5 on a pack of condoms instead.

Comment R-E-S-P-E-C-T Find out what it means to me (Score 1) 468

Whats makes the best work environment for me is to have the respect and recognition of bosses and coworkers. All too often our input is ignored because "they don't understand our tech talk" and instead take the often disastrous advice of vendors and consultants because "they speak their business language".We are often used as whipping boys when things go wrong and completely ignored for all the hard work on everything that just works.

Comment Re:Nope.FCC application form: "protected from dd-w (Score 1) 238

None of the major manufacturers are happy about people installing third-party firmware on their hardware, or make it easy to do so. It is only possible because of dedicated developers and hobbyists spent countless hours painstakingly reverse-engineering the hardware. All these rules are likely to do is kill the pre-installed third-party-firmware market.

Comment Re:Up Next! (Score 5, Informative) 85

Up Next! Too much food can make you fat! Stay tuned.

Fighting the frizzies at 11.

Some of the most profound discoveries have come from experiments verifying established knowledge, yielding unexpected results. Rutherford's discovery of the atomic nucleus resulted from just such an experiment.

Comment Re:You're opening the door to your competitors... (Score 2) 293

There seems to be a big disconnect between what the studios think their content is worth and what people are willing to pay for that content. Last time Netflix increased their streaming price by un-bundling it from the mailed to your house system they saw a huge drop in their subscribers base. If studios were willing to stream their content on theatrical-release date than I would be willing to pay $100 a month but for years old regurgitated content I am not paying much more than $8.

Comment Re:4/5 in favor (Score 1) 755

Humans are a uniquely social animals. A social groups acceptance and praise is powerfully sociologically rewarding and its reprimand/rejection is downright painful. In highly competitive free-enterprise environments such as today's tech companies these incentives usually take the form of promotions/pay increases but there is no reason why they can't take other forms. In the early days of the Soviet Union, workplace medals were highly successful at increasing productivity by motivating low-skill workers to compete with each other for little more than a trinkets, which signified the admiration of the cooperative. Workplace productivity was far higher than during the repressive regime it was replaced with, once state mismanagement destroyed the dream of a more equal society.

Comment Re:This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 1) 446

Peanut allergy is increasing. Something is making them more allergenic. The western way of roasting seems to make certain peanut proteins more allergenic. The Chinese boil peanuts, which aren't as allergenic.

If a biotech lab ever invented something as dangerous as a peanut, I wonder how long would it be before people had the government put a Simpson-movie-like dome over the entire research lab and testing fields. Of course peanuts are "natural" so instead of a movement for banning them we have a movement that looks for boogeymen to blame on why they are so dangerous.

Comment Re:This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 1) 446

Why is it exactly about Biotech companies do you trust any less than Engineering and Construction companies the safety of who's products eg, cars, roads, bridges and homes you stake your life on every day? Should Engineering firms not be allowed to innovate because its safer to stick with current methods and materials?

Comment Re:Drone It (Score 1) 843

Drone pilots more removed from the action than infantry? Hell yes.

More removed then the rest of the Air Force? Hell no.

The way a drone strike works is a drone loiters on station for weeks on end. During this time the drone's pilots figure out who is in the house when, so they can avoid blowing it up when the local equivalent of the Girl Scouts are in the living room. Which means drone pilots know when their target takes the trash out, whether the teenage daughter has a boyfriend who sneaks in sometimes, etc. This makes for attacks that are much easier on the civilian population then normal bombing, because you can skip the night when the girl and her boyfriend are enjoying themselves, but it makes for very stressed out drone pilots.

It is much worst then that. The houses they are loitering are often the targets relatives. For weeks they get to see their children playing the women tending to the livestock, their joy when the men comes home from work. Then one day Uncle Mullah and some of his friends show up and they have to pull the trigger, sit there and watch as the villagers pull out their bodies from the rubble they just turned the house into. Shift over now they get to go home and kiss their wives and kids.

Comment What are natural flavors, really? (Score 5, Insightful) 163

There is absolutely no difference between a flavor-ant that has been isolated and extracted (with chemical processes and solvents in most cases) starting with a natural source and the same chemical that has been produced with a chemical process starting with purified raw ingredients.

Comment Re:Ride one in January (Score 1) 100

What redesign has gone into the traffic system?

Too keep the bike riders safe from the crazy NY cab drivers the avenues were modified to place the parking lanes in between the traffic and the bike lanes. In some places the number of traffic lanes were reduced to expand the bike lanes. It is great in the summer but as I mentioned 4 - 6 months of the year these are practically private roads for bike messengers.

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