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Comment Ineffective but very visable (Score 1) 151

Preventing all terrorist attacks is impossible. The most important thing for governments is to keep the public calm by giving the impression of security. A afraid and panicked populace is a bigger threat to those in power than the terrorists themselves. The false sense of security, ineffective but very visible security measures provide is in fact exactly what they want. Of course they could have saved millions of dollars by making consoles with blinking lights themselves.

Comment Give me a reason why (Score 4, Insightful) 202

They need to explain why the massive global surveillance failed to stop the attacks and the reasons they came up with is Snowden and encryption. This is despite their own reports that showed their massive surveillance to not be effective against terrorism even before Snowden and widespread encryption. Big-Data is great for statistical analysis, if is not very useful for spear-fishing.

Comment Re:Pretty dumb move (Score 1) 607

Whats really the problem is the current H1-B system which basically makes foreign workers Indentured servants to the corporation that hires them. If they get fired for demanding fair pay and benefits then they are sent back home. A good way to end the abuse and make H1b less attractive as a source of cheap labor is to simply make it a 10 year non-conditional work visa. If they can actually compete in the jobs marketplace without fear of loosing their visa they will be far less inclined to accept unfair pay/benefits/working conditions.

Comment Re:US forcing their laws on Europe AGAIN (Score 5, Informative) 81

It's called an extradition treaty, and it works both ways. Also, I'm going to take a wild guess and say that attempting to frame someone for possession of heroin and botnet-related crimes are illegal both in the US and in Ukraine.

The U.S and Ukraine do not have a extradition treaty. He was apprehended in Italy, a country with which the U.S has a extradition treaty. In any case with Kiev needing Washington's support in its fight with Russian backed rebels I doubt they would have much of a problem handing a politically-unconnected criminal over, even without a extradition treaty.

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 822

While I agree that any toddler who shoots a gun accidentally should be automatically taken away from their parents, there are some flaws with your argument:

1. If guns are similar to hazardous chemicals, why don't guns require gun locks like hazardous chemicals do (child-proof lids)? Hint: gun lobby fights any effort in this direction.

2. Guns are many, many times deadlier than kitchen knives, electrical outlets, heavy objects, or hard floors.

Most states have child Gun access prevention laws. The truth is that a lot of accidents actually happen at the houses of relatives or friends which do not normally have children present and therefore had no reason to childproof their home and lock their weapons. Should someones child be taken away because he/she drank grandmas drain-cleaner?

Comment Re:Laws (Score 1) 822

The NRA is not the slightest bit interested in gun safety, that’s a smokescreen. They’re the lobby for the arms industry.

There is a difference between promoting gun safety and supporting Nany-State legislation's. Most citizens support private gun ownership and they support some common-sense gun control laws, however when Liberals push for "Sensible gun controls" they are as believable as Conservatives pushing for "Abortion restrictions meant to protect the life of the mother."

Comment Re:Cultural? (Score 2) 479

Assuming you are not working for the military asking for written orders is sure to raise a few eyebrows and it is really not necessary as long as you take care to document the exchange.

1. Make sure the meetings time and date is recorded on the companies calendar system.

2. Write up a report on the meeting and file it in the companies records system.

3. Write a email to team-members explaining that you will be diverting resources to work on this project order by Management.

4. Comment the code to make it clear under who's authority it was committed.

With all that documentation management would have a very difficult time convincing anyone that it was the work of some rogue engineers.

Comment Re:Why not go 6G? (Score 1) 164

> "About the only point of agreement so far is that 5G is what we'll all be building or buying after 4G..." I was going to comment on how obvious and unnecessary the "5G comes after 4G" thing is, but then I remembered Windows 9 and and OS-X "saber-tooth tiger" and realized that with technology, the succession isn't necessarily that obvious.

Guess you forgot about 2.5G as well.

Comment We need new Ethics (Score 2, Insightful) 190

I am tired of Religious beliefs dictating Ethics. This is especially true for stem-cell research.

An embryo can grow into a human given the right conditions, namely being carried to term by the host.

A zygote can grow into a human given the right conditions, namely attaching to uterues and being carried to term by the host

An egg can do the same given the right conditions, namely getting fertilized and then attaching to uterues and being carried to term by the host.

None of them is a human being despite your Religious convictions.

Comment Re:My view of this (Score 0) 662

So why would one have anything against folks that want to institute Sharia law in Texas . . . ? .

Sharia Law in Texas? Are they mad! Everyone knows that only Christian law apply in Texas.

Christians trying to ram their beliefs down our throats in the name of "Religious Freedom" gives me a uneasy feeling about Christianity as well..

Comment paid on both ends (Score 1) 280

10Mbit or 100Mbit to your broadband provider doesn't mean anything if what is overloaded are the interconnects between the broadband provider and the service providers. Starting with Comcast the large broadband providers engaged in deliberate interconnect congestion tactics that eventually forced Netflix and others to make direct payments to restore acceptable service to their customers, The new net neutrality rules are supposed to put an end to this practice but between net neutrality being tied up in courts and the GOP vowing to tear it down, the future is uncertain.

Comment Re:Theory... (Score 1) 591

Lived in Alabama for four years. This represents major progress. However, there's still a long way to go.

The GOP is learning that educating generations of children to mistrusts science has its drawbacks. The anti-GMO sentiments basically falls in 2 camps. Liberals that mistrust the Corporations involved and Conservatives that mistrust the science involved.

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