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Comment Re:Nexus aren't satisfactory (Score 4, Insightful) 179

I would not buy a phone without a microSD slot, and the Nexus line fails by not including such an essential feature.

But, more important than that: Google definitely should put more pressure on manufacturers and carriers to keep the phones' OS updated for longer.

One persons essential features are another's rarely used amenities. Features such as microSD slots or removable batteries take space and as such they come with the trade-offs of added bulk or smaller battery. Fortunately unlike apple's iPhone family the android ecosystem is open and there are a plethora of devices out there to satisfy most peoples needs and budgets

Comment Re: Good (Score 1, Insightful) 187

It's a right to own a gun, not to be a gun dealer. There is also no constitutional right that buying a gun has to be easy. Subtle but important difference.

Liberals decry restrictions the GOP dreams up on abortions designed to make it hard or impossible to use one's Constitutional right to Choice but applaud any restrictions the Democrats dream up on doing the same to the Constitutional right to gun ownership. The inverse is true for Conservatives. What is even more amusing is that each side recognizes the Supreme Courts right to interpret the constitution when it has ruled for them and slam it when is has ruled against them. Only the Supreme Court has the Constitutional right to judge what is a "14th amendment protection" and what "well organized militia" means on the 2nd

Comment Re:Free market (Score 1) 84

Some US states have retail energy markets, where they can shop for the energy portion of their bill. The transmission and distribution is through the utility. What is cropping up more and more are companies seeking regulatory bailouts for generation plants even in markets where they receive capacity payments.

I live in NY which has a deregulated market. Out of curiosity I just checked the rates of every ESCO provider and out of 35+ only a handful had better rates than the distribution company for either regular or green energy, variable or long term. I suspected as much because despite being on the NO call registry I regularly get calls from ESCO salespeople which never identify whom they are working for or provide information on pricing or terms, instead they make it sound as they are from the distribution company and are informing me I could be saving money if I sign up for a program. I have had even a few of them show up at my door asking to look at my bill so they could get the account number.

Comment Re:Rewarding governments for oppressing citizens? (Score 1) 59

Cuba is still a very oppressive place to live. Why are we rewarding that behavior?

While the sanctions were successful in keeping Cuba weak and underdeveloped, with the USSR long gone Communism and Cuba are no longer credible threats. The Cuban regime has been largely successful at squashing decent and there is no credible opposition we could back instead. The continuation of the Collective-punishment in the form of trade sanctions are really nothing more than feel good measures when it comes to easing oppression. Sanctions are not successful at toppling or compelling a repressive regime to improve conditions. Even the economic impact of lifting sanctions is likely to be small considering how unlikely it is for the Cuban government to quickly open up its markets or welcome a large number foreign investments

Comment Re:Who can blame anyone for being anti-GM? (Score 1) 357

"majority of products"

I'd love to see you try to prove that. But you can't, so you won't, because that is patently false.

more than %90 of the staples crops corn and soy are GMO. High fructose corn syrup alone is in the majority of products on a supermarket shelf. Trends in GE Adoption

Comment Re:Who can blame anyone for being anti-GM? (Score 2) 357

If we weren't tricked into buying it because it's not labeled, that might help a bit. The deception alone is enough to ruin trust, and then how do we know this study refuting the other studies aren't again, manipulated by the pro-GMO side?

Whether someone chooses GMO or not based on health reasons, philosophical ones, or simply just to save the small farmers from the big Farm Corporations, we ought to have that choice. Having that choice removed through deception and treachery won't win any confidence.

When the majority of products on supermarkets shelves contain GMO's why in the world does it make sense to label those as GMO, when you can simply label the few that don't as GMO Free

Comment Re:That's exactly right (Score 1) 645

That's the huge difference in scale we're talking about when comparing these technologies. How many people died installing and maintaining all those PV installations throughout the world? If it's more than 1/6th what Fukushima killed, then PV solar in regular operation kills more people than half-century-old nuclear technology on its worst day.

It is not about the actual number of people killed, rather the threat your average person feels from the technology. To your average person not involved in construction or maintenance, the threat posed by PV/Turbines is negligible, meanwhile average people living withing several miles from nuclear reactors fear the release of radioactive material.

Comment Re:Argumentum ad lapidem (Score 2) 311

A very common example is "taxes are too high". No argument, no comparison, no reference point, no data from other countries, or cost of services provided.

People don't mind taxers if they perceive benefits coming from them. Unfortunately in the U.S the feeling among Conservatives is that a large part of the taxes they paid are being spent on wasteful government bureaucracy and handed out to lazy welfare queens.

Comment Re:Reaction is the problem rather than advice itse (Score 1) 274

Studies on centennials have found they don't live particularly healthy lifestyles. Many ate unhealthy diets, some drank alcohol and a few were even life-long smokers. The strongest correlation they could find among them was the number of centennials in their own family history. In other words, living a very long life mostly comes down to your genes.

Comment SmartTV, Dumb Executives (Score 2) 89

After 3 years of using my High end Sony Smart TV for internet video streaming, I bought a Stream Box because the TV's software was never updated and some services like YouTube actually stopped functioning because of end of support for whatever streaming method the device was using.Someone really needs to explain to Executives at TV manufacturers than nobody goes out to Replace a TV just so the SmartTV functions can get updated. Not when one can go buy a stream Device for a fraction of the price and get updates and a much better interface and function.

Comment Re:cracked in about two years. (Score 4, Insightful) 133

I guess they should have let people use OtherOS like the PS3... until they didn't. Coincidentally, a couple years after OtherOS was disabled the PS3 was cracked.

The lesson to be learned here: lock out Linux hackers and you're gonna get pwn3d.

The Cell based PS3 was seriously powerful hardware being sold at a very attractive price by Sony. PS3 clusters made economic sense if you were in the market for a cheap distributed computing platform. The x86 based PS4 was little more than a mid-range PC when released and was sold at break-even price by Sony. Now it would be considered obsolete hardware in the PC world. OtherOS on PS4 would be nothing more than a novelty.

Comment Re:Important to note (Score 1) 446

Funny thing, strip the nicotine from the terrible delivery system (and the MAOIs it contains) and nicotine becomes much more benign.

But in general, most of the actual harm from drugs comes from the prohibition itself.

Nicotine is a mild stimulant just like caffeine, by far the worlds most used drug. I really don't understand the growing condemnation of nicotine vaporizers. It is like drug court judges who force addicts to get off successful Methadone regiments because of moral opposition to drugs, while sipping on a cup of joe of course.

Comment Ineffective but very visable (Score 1) 152

Preventing all terrorist attacks is impossible. The most important thing for governments is to keep the public calm by giving the impression of security. A afraid and panicked populace is a bigger threat to those in power than the terrorists themselves. The false sense of security, ineffective but very visible security measures provide is in fact exactly what they want. Of course they could have saved millions of dollars by making consoles with blinking lights themselves.

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