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Comment: Re:I found this article to be more informative (Score 4, Interesting) 219

by Dorianny (#47429133) Attached to: After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart

The Gestapo actually wasn't that good at spying. The German people were, however, quite good at turning their neighbors in to the Gestapo. There's a lot of myth concerning the Nazi police force. It's unfortunate that even today people repeat it without thinking.

I lived under a communist regime with a gestapo like secret police. It is quite true that everyone spied on everyone else but that was because of fear and intimidation tactics used by the regime. They didn't simply punish whoever they though was a threat to them, family, friends even neighbors if not sent to interment camps outright, would be punished with difficult jobs in far away regions, denied schooling and all kinds of other punitive measures. The only way to escape this fate was for them to be convinced that you already told them everything you knew. As someone with what they called a "unclean biography" because of a great uncle that had immigrated to the United States, I know full well how much suffering a totalitarian state can impose without the use of imprisonment.

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What they did amounts to nothing less than arresting someone on "Trumped-up Charges". Considering all the media attention this is getting you can bet that Internal affairs is going to take this very seriously. In our system of checks and balances the judiciary and the free press are responsible for keeping law enforcement honest and in this case the press cam thru. The system works, sometimes!

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by Dorianny (#47428289) Attached to: After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart

I'd prefer a more proactive response, maybe carry around a bunch of WWII concentration camp photos and wave those around whenever the Germans complain about "spying."

No they shouldn't be punished forever, but we probably should keep an eye on them forever.

Their history with the Nazi state and the Gestapo secret police is exactly why Germans are so bothered by spying. They know for a fact that gathered information can easily be put to nefarious use.

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by Dorianny (#47428271) Attached to: After NSA Spying Flap, Germany Asks CIA Station Chief to Depart

The USA's response has been something along the lines of "you expected us not to conducting traditional spying activities?"

The USA rejected the proposed no spy agreement so the response is more along the lines of: We do not fully trust you and we will keep on spying on you not matter how much it annoys you.

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by Dorianny (#47265015) Attached to: Why China Is Worried About Japan's Plutonium Stocks
In the Budapest Memorandum the United States and several other countries, laughably including Russia, gave security guarantees to Ukraine in exchange for it getting rid of the worlds 3d largest nuclear weapons stockpile. Following the Russian annexation of Crimea, the US went on to say that these guarantees did not specify military intervention. International agreements are enforced only when it is in the signatories best interest, otherwise a "loophole" is found or they are simply ignored. Relying on another countries goodwill for your protection might not be the safest bet, even when said country is a major military superpower.

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by Dorianny (#47227721) Attached to: EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability

Coming from a big guy, I think this is a horrible idea. It's not a disability. M.R. is a disability. Quadriplegia is a disability. Not being able to pull away from the table shouldn't be a reason to get disabled parking spaces. They should put them at the FAR END of the lot so us big guys get some extra forced exercise. No one should have to adjust office furniture because I'm fat. You can only help people so much. You can't care about someone's healthy more than they do. If i'm fat, I'm fat. It's not like it's a surprise to me, and if my shirts cost extra because there's more fabric used, so be it. Don't cater to people because they're fat.

Morbid obesity quire often leads to immobility due to difficulty walking or even getting up. Why should these people not be afforded the same rights as anyone else that has difficulty or is unable to move around. They did it to themselves you say? What about the Quadriplegics that are in that state because they were drunk-driving should they have their privileges revoked as well? What about the people that are morbidly obese due to a diagnosed medical condition, what about the ones that are not diagnosed yet? The slope gets very slippery very quick!

Comment: Morbid obesity is a whole different beast (Score 2) 625

by Dorianny (#47227417) Attached to: EU's Top Court May Define Obesity As a Disability
I think they should clarify that they are talking about morbid obesity that servery impacts a persons ability to freely move about their surroundings. It is quite easy to became obese and a large portion of the population are obese, however few of them end up becoming morbidly obese no matter how poor their diet. The truth is that without additional risk factors, a medical condition such as hyperthyroidism, broken genes related to the normal function of appetite or a mental condition such as compulsive overeating disorder, it would be very hard for someone to reach the point where obesity is not just increasing their chances of a early death but also servery affects their mobility.

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by Dorianny (#47222471) Attached to: Why United States Patent Reform Has Stalled
Pointing out that the Tea party's politics of reducing the powers of the federal government, especially its ability to tax and regulate as well as their obsession with imposing austerity measures to service the nation debt, is going to spell disaster for the United States is not liberal politics, it is common sense conclusions. Exposing the lunacy of the far right agenda doesn't automatically make one a left-wing nut.

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by Dorianny (#47214251) Attached to: House Majority Leader Defeated In Primary
Republicans are falling victim to their own success redistricting. The result is safe districts where the nominee has no need for independent voters to win in the general election. The party nomination effectively becomes the election and in these, candidates are much more vulnerable to small groups of highly motivated, very vocal and very involved fringe groups, then they would be in general elections. Democrats engage in this behavior as well but for better of for worst, they are not as good at gerrymandering when they get the chance.

Comment: start your water pumps (Score 1) 57

How much one can overclock has always been a roll of the dice and down to luck. With that being said it is well known in the water cooling community that the cpu thermal interface on sandy/ivy/original haswell was a thermal cooling efficiency limiting factor on water-cooled rigs and there were no spectacular results even on super lucky draws. I am very excited to see how this might change with this new thermal interface material .

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