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Comment: Re:Every week there's a new explanation of the hia (Score 3, Insightful) 456

by Dorianny (#47726627) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

>Scientists in general and especially climate scientists and the IPCC, need to stay out of the public/political debate yeah, let's leave the important decissions to lawyers and economists, and not to scientists and engineers. Now THAT would lead to a great society !

Lawyers and economists are very good in their respective fields, it would be foolish to believe that scientists and engineers would be better at matters of law or economy.

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by Dorianny (#47726439) Attached to: Cause of Global Warming 'Hiatus' Found Deep In the Atlantic

I know you're just smacking down a troll, but climate models have been over-estimating warming for years, as demonstrated by this science. That's not to say that climate models are bad science, they are good science investigating the nature of the earth; but people who put too much faith in them without evidence were performing bad science.

There is a large movement of scientists, many not involved in climate science at all, urging meaningful action on climate change based on the worst case scenarios set by these incomplete/unreliable models. So what we end up with is backlash by people completely rejecting the entire field, and "feel good" projects and treaties that have minimal impact at best, all of which will only serve to delay the meaningful action they urge. Scientists in general and especially climate scientists and the IPCC, need to stay out of the public/political debate, it only undermines the public's faith on their impartiality.

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I can see such in reproduction-related cells, but not regular body cells because those are not passed on.

More likely cancer is simply the result of the trade-offs between efficiency versus duration. In a competitive world efficiency guarantees genetic success more than life duration. After all, the alpha male is in almost a winner-take-all role. To be the alpha male you have to have a high metabolism and an efficient metabolism (get big without having to find extra food).

The research seems to suggest that the cells intrinsic ability to mutate developed early on in the evolution of life, certainly long before sexual reproduction.

This means that entropy (errors in cell division) builds up faster. There are generally two solutions to entropy: slower metabolism or error correcting mechanisms. Being slower means you'll never be able to be the alpha male, and error-correcting means you are less efficient during your prime because such mechanisms consume resources. (Some bacteria have such.)

Note how female mammals typically have lower metabolism and live longer. This is because they are not in the winner-take-all position of males.

Not sure about all mammals but this is certainly the case in humans, however the reason why are not very clear. At least some of it can certainly be explained with higher rates of risky behavior, excessive drinking, smoking, bravado, etc. as well as a reluctance to get check ups, among males of the species.

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The mechanisms of evolution, like natural selection and genetic drift, work with the random variation generated by mutation. It would make sense that cells have have an intrinsic ability to mutate would have a higher chance of developing a beneficial mutation therefore would have a evolutionary advantage.

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by Dorianny (#47718113) Attached to: China Pulls Plug On Genetically Modified Rice and Corn
Public skepticism about GMO's has been growing in China and the government there is extremely concerned with anything that can enrage popular discontent. They know and are very fearful that a movement or protests against GMO's can quickly snowball and morph into anti-government protests. China is extremely mindful of protests because its reliance on global trade and the internet means that they way it can respond is much more limited. Another Tienanmen Square would be a complete disaster with severe repercussions for the government.

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I can think of a certain group of American Republicans who would do exactly that...

Privately there are many Republicans that do believe in the scientific method and would like to see action on climate change but are reluctant to admit it because of fear of being labeled as traitors. On the Democratic camp there are many that realize that cap and trade, and so called "renewables" cannot be a complete solution to halting global warming but are simply afraid to support low or 0 carbon, but uncool power generation technologies, such as Nuclear for fear of being labeled the same.

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Solar to heat to mechanical to electricity as already reached its maximum efficiency.

Photovoltaic has still many recent discoveries for great efficiency improvements, and more are likely to come.

Using heat for conversion is degrading the energy to its worst and less usable form, direct conversion is the way to go. Halting those heat projects is good news.

The big advantage heat-conversion plants have is that you can heat slow cooling material such as salt which can continue production electricity long after the sun has set, effectively turning it into a electricity storage medium. The big problem large scale use of Photovoltaic has, is that we do not have a cheap and scalable way to store generated electricity for use when needed, not just when the sun is shining.

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That super expensive Hep C medicine has shown that you can have an overpriced miracle cure and make a ton of money.

What they demonstrated is that by overpricing a miracle cure you can effectively limit its use and keep it from lowering the the infection rates, thereby safeguarding the drugs future profits, all while making insane amounts of profit.

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The whole trip was a "matter of national pride " and little more than a PR stunt in response to China's space program. She spent 11 days on the ISS on what amounts to space tourism, the average stay for real astronauts is 2-7 months. After returning to earth her job has been little more than to be paraded around and to give speeches.

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