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Comment Re:This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 1) 446

Peanut allergy is increasing. Something is making them more allergenic. The western way of roasting seems to make certain peanut proteins more allergenic. The Chinese boil peanuts, which aren't as allergenic.

If a biotech lab ever invented something as dangerous as a peanut, I wonder how long would it be before people had the government put a Simpson-movie-like dome over the entire research lab and testing fields. Of course peanuts are "natural" so instead of a movement for banning them we have a movement that looks for boogeymen to blame on why they are so dangerous.

Comment Re:This legislation brought to you by.. (Score 1) 446

Why is it exactly about Biotech companies do you trust any less than Engineering and Construction companies the safety of who's products eg, cars, roads, bridges and homes you stake your life on every day? Should Engineering firms not be allowed to innovate because its safer to stick with current methods and materials?

Comment Re:Drone It (Score 1) 843

Drone pilots more removed from the action than infantry? Hell yes.

More removed then the rest of the Air Force? Hell no.

The way a drone strike works is a drone loiters on station for weeks on end. During this time the drone's pilots figure out who is in the house when, so they can avoid blowing it up when the local equivalent of the Girl Scouts are in the living room. Which means drone pilots know when their target takes the trash out, whether the teenage daughter has a boyfriend who sneaks in sometimes, etc. This makes for attacks that are much easier on the civilian population then normal bombing, because you can skip the night when the girl and her boyfriend are enjoying themselves, but it makes for very stressed out drone pilots.

It is much worst then that. The houses they are loitering are often the targets relatives. For weeks they get to see their children playing the women tending to the livestock, their joy when the men comes home from work. Then one day Uncle Mullah and some of his friends show up and they have to pull the trigger, sit there and watch as the villagers pull out their bodies from the rubble they just turned the house into. Shift over now they get to go home and kiss their wives and kids.

Comment Re:This is interesting (Score 2) 163

There is nothing inherently unhealthy about simple carbs otherwise our bodies would not have evolved to reward us for eating them. The real difference is that simple carbs came bundled with complex carbs and fiber, neither of which are found in a box of highly processed food.

Comment What are natural flavors, really? (Score 5, Insightful) 163

There is absolutely no difference between a flavor-ant that has been isolated and extracted (with chemical processes and solvents in most cases) starting with a natural source and the same chemical that has been produced with a chemical process starting with purified raw ingredients.

Comment Re:Beyond comprehension (Score 1) 126

With government, you don't have a choice. You can't just choose another government.

The only reason for holding elections is to choose another government. If voters choose the status-quo by voting for the incumbents, that's their prerogative.

Comment Re:Ride one in January (Score 1) 100

What redesign has gone into the traffic system?

Too keep the bike riders safe from the crazy NY cab drivers the avenues were modified to place the parking lanes in between the traffic and the bike lanes. In some places the number of traffic lanes were reduced to expand the bike lanes. It is great in the summer but as I mentioned 4 - 6 months of the year these are practically private roads for bike messengers.

Comment Ride one in January (Score 1) 100

The real problem with the bikes in New York and anywhere else that far North is that for 4 - 6 months out of the year it is simply too cold or too wet for anyone but insane bike messengers to ride around. All the money and effort that has gone into redesigning the traffic system for this seasonal commuting option is simply insane. The program would make much more sense in cities with milder weather.

Comment Re:Presumably the bug count... (Score 1) 204

They also ignore the dedicated sound cards, video-decoders and other chips to offload the CPU's

If you buy a dedicated sound card these days, you're retarded. All you need is a motherboard, cpu, ram, and a modern GPU. That's it. Even the lowest end GPUs nowadays include a full suite of HDMI audio support (by full, I mean it can bitstream any format, as well as LPCM, which is best for games.) If you're a headphone kind of person, most of the good ones are USB driven.

HDMI audio, seriously? PC monitor speakers are a joke at best. the Realtek ALC887 chipset on most of these motherboards doesn't have the power to drive even a decent set of speakers or headphones. USB headphones are popular because they sidestep the issue of under-powered on-board audio but few of them can even get close to the quality of a discreet sound card paired with a good set of headphones.

the standardized hardware and low level API's allow for performance optimizations

You mean like these kinds of "optimizations"?


That's NOT a good thing.

I said it was possible, it is still very much up to the skills and resources available to the developers to implement them, besides resolution is not the HOLY GRAIL of visual performance.

Comment Re:Presumably the bug count... (Score 4, Insightful) 204

I know you're a master-race sort of guy and are thusly severly biased but not for $450 it won't, and it it will run Windows, which comes with it's own issues.

Yeah, actually it will. What? You're shocked that consoles built on hardware that's already two years out of date will be beat by a previous hardware generation? It'll run windows? Gee, why do all those builds have no OS as a requirement. I mean it's like a mac where you can't install another OS unless you pay them to do it right? And of course forget about modifying the OS on your console.

The builds ignore the fact that the PS4 uses DDR5 as main memory and the XBOX 360 has 32MB of on-die ESRAM. They also ignore the dedicated sound cards, video-decoders and other chips to offload the CPU's. On the software side of things, the standardized hardware and low level API's allow for performance optimizations that would simply be unthinkable in the PC world, allowing developers to squeeze every bit of theoretical performance out of the systems. Something else to take into consideration is that cross-platform games are almost always developed for the consoles and then (often badly) ported to PC. The hardware requirements for similar levels of performance are usually much higher than the hardware on the consoles would suggest is needed.

Comment No more hiding devices behind those pesky NAT's (Score 1) 595

Can't wait for the ISP's to switch from bandwidth pricing to number of devices. Tier1 can handle 1-5 devices. You have more you need to pay another $20 a month for Ter2 that allows 5-10 devices. A upgrade to Tier3 is only another $15 and its free for 6 months when you sign a 2 year agreement. With the internet of things on its way I will have to be on Tier5 just so the robotic vacuum cleaner can inform me that its stuck under the sofa and the fridge can tell me the kids finished all the milk yet again. Thanks IPV6

Comment Re:Automatic presumption of govt incompetence... (Score 1) 206

Capitalism is a economic system not a form of government. The Chinese government resembles mostly a totalitarian regime. Even though China has laws in the books concerning safety, environmental protection, child labor and other worker protections they are not enforced and violations and abuse by Corporations are the norm. Your argument that laws placing requirements on industry are not needed because "The vast majority of private companies are run by people with excellent ethical and moral standing" is clearly contradicted by the Chinese example, as well as our own history during the Industrial revolution.

Comment Re:Automatic presumption of govt incompetence... (Score 1) 206

China has the sort of unbridled capitalism with lax oversight which many conservatives here dream of. The results are lax safety standards which resulted in over 75,000 dead in accidents in 2012. Rampant child labor. Polluted environments. Slave like labor conditions (Foxconn for example). We had these same conditions here in the 1900 before the labor movement. If you believe that in the absence of accountability Corporate management will not resort to shady tactics to get a leg up on the competition and to maximize profits then you are clearly ignoring history, past and present. While in some cases such as Apple and Nike consumer backlash can force improvements, there is really no substitute to government action to ensure minimum standards are applied to every company.

Comment Re:This seems foolproof! (Score 1) 94

The Russian government has more efficient and cost effective methods of corruption.

Much better leak controls as well. Documents that can expose corruption are labeled state secrets and whistle-blowers are imprisoned for exposing state secrets. Think how much they can save on tiresome book-cooking and cover stories.

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