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The Internet

+ - Links Slashdot's RSS Feed

Submitted by DoorFrame
DoorFrame (22108) writes "Why is it that Slashdot, one of the first bastions of tech-friendly news, is so un-hip when it comes to RSS feeds? I can accept the ads in Slashdot's RSS feed (with a heavy sigh), but what I can't accept or understand is Slashdot's unwillingness to provide direct links within the RSS feed so I can go directly to the news item of interest. I have to click through Slashdot to get to where I want to go. I understand that this increases ad revenue, but it dramatically decreases the point and utility of having RSS feeds in the first place.

So, what's up with that? When Slashdot is behaving like Digg rather than Reddit, you know there's a problem."
GNU is Not Unix

+ - All GNU! CBS goes after the elusive nerd market->

Submitted by DoorFrame
DoorFrame (22108) writes "This ad ran as a full page in today's LA Times. Given that the first show listed is the surprisingly tolerable uber-geek sitcom Big Bang Theory, I suspect CBS of using dog whistle techniques targeting nerds. On behalf of nerds everywhere, let me be the first to welcome this blatant attempt at pandering. Whatever you're selling, CBS, I'm buying it!"
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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Digg Diggs Fark, Fark Farks Digg, Can /. /. both?

Submitted by
DoorFrame writes "The space time continuum may have been strained to the brink last night as Fark Farked Digg and Digg Digged Fark. Neither site seems to have succumbed to the extra traffic; perhaps the Fark Effect and the Digg Effect canceled each other out? But what nobody considered was the Slashdot Effect! Let's show them who's boss of the Internet."

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