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Comment: Re:We really need (Score 0) 533 533

Part of the problem is that we only have a few ISPs to cover an area as large as all of Europe. Many places are remote enough that one ISP can claim it, and others don't see the expense of setting up infrastructure in the area as profitable enough when they would be competing with another ISP.

Comment: Re:Good answer! Fraud is their main source of prof (Score 0) 212 212

I'd like to see the correlation with moving targets and whether the project originated from the military itself (discretionary spending) or originated from congressional mandate. A few other variables to measure congressional micromanagement would probably make for a very interesting regression line.

Comment: Re:What if? (Score -1, Troll) 725 725

Are you Atheist? If so, you still have a religious belief. You believe that the supernatural does not exist. Many atheist form rather dogmatic beliefs around science, believing that science is infallible (which is rather harmful to science, since the scientific method relies on the assumption of fallibility.)

Comment: Re:Of course (Score 1) 218 218

The Problem is that makes this a SLAPP suit, and those are flagrant misused of the legal system that should carry mandatory disbarment and criminal penalties to the plaintiff. If they wanted to do this right, they could have invited him to an office and continued to haggle (ludicrous claims are how you start that, on both sides), or let him sue them and then defend themselves in court. They are clearly in the wrong.

Comment: Re:All hail Python! (Score 1) 232 232

I had to do a networking project using a python library. Having to fuck around with a python socket made glaringly obvious the flaws of a language that does not support type casting. Don't call the bullshit python pulls type casting, because those are parsing library functions, not type casting.

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