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Comment: Computing is going back to its roots (Score 1) 121

by DoomSprinkles (#43481445) Attached to: Businesses Moving From Amazon's Cloud To Build Their Own
Thanks to initiatives such as OpenStack and Hadoop and MapReduce (etc) and the countless contributors who commit to the many projects that allow companies (and individuals with commodity hardware in their garage!) to do these amazing things for cheap, this is all possible and should be the trend! The ROI is well within acceptable margins and well.. it's just fun for us computer geeks! Computing really is moving back to it's roots and we're getting to play with amazing software projects.

Comment: Re:And if you run Lynx (Score 1) 374

by DoomSprinkles (#43437993) Attached to: Browser Choice May Affect Your Job Prospects
I use a telnet client, connect on port 80, and manually write raw http compliant requests to browse the internet. The image translators work for my LAN web servers. But there's way too much information to decode the Internet. You get used to it. I...I don't even see the code. All I see is blonde, brunette, red-head. Hey, you uh... want a drink?

Comment: Re:I seriously disagree (Score 1) 374

by DoomSprinkles (#43437967) Attached to: Browser Choice May Affect Your Job Prospects
Pardon my reading comprehension right now, but are you bashing Chrome and saying people only use it because of Google's goofy advertisements endorsing Chrome? I chose Chrome long before Google really worked on advertising it. I chose it for it's responsiveness, very quick javascript engine, instance based crash handling, compact and non-distracting address bar, built in sand boxed flash player, and several other reasons really. I understand the other browsers do some of these same things now but at one point in time Chrome was the first for many of these really cool features. These are reasons I went to Chrome. Before Chrome, I was using Firefox because IE was simply terrible, we all know that. But honestly a couple years ago Firefox was really getting bloated itself. Chrome was refreshing. The road wasn't always smooth sailing, but I'm still happy with Chrome now. I like Firefox again as well, they've cleaned up a lot of the mess that was created. Not a fan boy, I just like riding the smoothest wave in the sea. Change is always good.

Comment: Plenty of use cases (Score 1) 168

by DoomSprinkles (#43398791) Attached to: HP Launches Moonshot
Considering the fact that only a small percentage of even IT people understand just how much server horsepower is required for many typical tasks that environments require of them, I don't expect a huge demand for these Moonshot servers. The specs however are very well suited for many applications used in small to medium sized businesses. And when you get to those who would see appropriate use for these, the price of the chassis is very ugly.

+ - Apple blocks Dropbox-based apps ->

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Barence writes "Apple is rejecting apps that use the new Dropbox SDK because they inadvertently allow users to buy extra online storage without Apple taking a cut.

Online storage service Dropbox is commonly used by iOS developers as a way of allowing users to share files created within their apps to other devices.

Dropbox's latest SDK has incurred the wrath of Apple, because users who don't have the Dropbox app installed on their iPhone/iPad are instead pushed to Dropbox's website via the Safari browser. Here, they can click a link to the desktop version of the service, which allows them to buy extra Dropbox storage without Apple taking its usual 30% cut.

"Apple should reject all web browser apps because they can take you to a page that lets you purchase stuff," writes one infuriated developer. "Go Apple! Crack down on all commerce!""

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+ - Xamarin: "Android Ported to C#"->

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Eirenarch writes "Xamarin has just announced that they got the Java part of Android ported to C# via machine translation. The resulting OS called XobotOS is available on Github. They claim some serious performance gains over Dalvik. For them this is an experiment that they are not planning to focus on but they will be using some of the technologies in Mono for Android."
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