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Comment Re:Go ahead (Score 5, Insightful) 446 446

I get the feeling most of the profiles are fake anyway to pull in gullible males.

Never give in to blackmail.

Even better yet: Make every effort to be loyal to your spouse. If you fail, repent, hope for forgiveness, and try harder next time. Flee from all forms of temptation to do evil.

Easier said than done, to be sure.

Comment Free of what? (Score 4, Insightful) 654 654

Free of drunk people, or homeless people who smell so bad it's unpleasant to be near them?

Free of limitations in when I can depart, or how much longer the ride takes than driving?

Free of the inability to easily stop to grab a coffee or use the bathroom?

Comment Re:So will stacking us vertically (Score 1) 394 394

Oh it's not so bad. Was once on a flight in Guatemala with one backward facing row.... staring at a mother breastfeeding her baby in turbulence all the way to Costa Rica.

I'll never forget that flight.

Yeah, flying's really gotten worse over the years. Back then, kids got free milkshakes!

Comment Re:It's a strange thing (Score 2) 55 55

I have a hard time siding with anyone using software patents offensively. Fuck these guys and their patents. And if Apple asserts software patents in a non-defensive manner, fuck them, too.

You may want to go a little more up stream. How about, "Fuck the corrupt U.S. Congresses and Presidents. Fuck the psychopath lawyers and business people who want to infringe upon our freedom so they can make more money. Fuck the SCOTUS for not recognizing software as math. (And frown at Donald Knuth who also thinks software should be patentable, but is otherwise a swell guy.)"

Comment Look hard and long (Score 4, Informative) 318 318

I managed to do it, but it took almost a year of looking, even in a job market supposedly favorable to programmers.

My strategy was to basically scour the job boards, looking for remote jobs, and apply when it looked like a good fit. Some boards I found helpful for remote, non-contract work:


Job sites which don't have a specific category for "remote" tended to produce a lot of noise, because searching on "remote" would get hits for things like "remote work not allowed".

Two other things which seemed very helpful in landing a job:

  • Experience with using Github
  • Having been involved in open-source development.

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