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Submission + - Evolution of Reading in the Digital Age (

Doofus writes: "Print is dying. Digital is surging. Everyone is confused. is the title of @craigmod's thoughtful discussion about the evolution of reading material from printed dead-tree to flowing digital content. I stumbled upon his blog post at the NYTimes, Former Book Designer Says Good Riddance to Print, and was interested enough in the Times' distillation of his post to follow the link. He breaks reading material down into two basic categories, "Formless", in which the content and meaning of the writing has no dependency on presentation, and "Definite", in which layout and presentation play a role in conveying meaning. The author makes the point that as digital presentation improves, devices such as the iPad will bring author newer and improved platforms upon which to display Definite content. Despite this, he says, some works will be better consumed in physical print because "They're books that embrace their physicality or have stood the test of time. They're the kinds of books the iPad can't displace because they're complete objects."

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