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Comment Why is everyone so obtuse? (Score 1) 88

The crucial element here is the use of waves (in this case sound).

The basic physics likely points to the possibility of using modulated light waves (or x-ray, gamma ray waves). Those propagate quite well in a vacuum. The question will be how much energy is needed to achieve the necessary wave density to manipulate objects.

This is a pretty cool, imho.

Comment Re:If true then Samsung is dead to me (Score 4, Insightful) 289

Its an issue because Samsung's voice recognition wasn't done on the TV. They shipped the captured audio to servers in their back office, unencrypted iirc. So your intimate small-talk with your partner is recorded live and sent out to some nameless destination free for all to listen to. I don't know about you, but I consider that an incredible invasion of privacy.

Comment Re:Troubling (Score 0) 79

Don't let the NDP's smooth talking fool you.

Unless you're a factory worker making less than the Canadian average income, they'll likely fund their spending on cash from your wallet. As you're on slashdot, can format your posts to be readable and don't have any egregious spelling errors, I suspect you will end up in the payer's pile.

We once again have a overflowing cup of political leadershiT. Czar Harper, Comrade Mulcair and Untested Trudeau. The wheel of fate is broken and stuck pointing at, "Here thar be Dragons."

Comment Wait... (Score 1) 211

I thought 'Rising to the level of your incompetence' meant the more the opposite. Dumb-as-a-post employees either get fired or they possess, "soft skills valued in management" and get promoted. The more 'soft skills' (ability to bullshit, take credit for others' work, brown-nose, etc) the higher you rise. This article seem to imply that promotions are based on technical skill and that you get promoted until your skill matches your employment level. In my experience, that is almost never the case.

Comment Re:Good news (Score 1) 422

While I agree from a story perspective that the pod-racer stuff was fluff, I still pull that scene out to show off what a properly tuned home theatre surround sound system can do. Other movies might more effectively use the multi-channel audio, but aliens racing vehicles trumps mass splatter-fests when you have a mixed-age audience.

Comment Re:Kinda torn on this one (Score 1) 258

The treatment is purely supportive. As with all virii, the body needs to clear it out on its own. It will do so, if the organs don't fail before the immune system builds the necessary antibodies. The 'cures' being worked are anti-retrovirals that inhibit the viral replication, so the body can get the upper hand more quickly.

Comment Re:So start organizing (Score 2) 108

The problem with modern unions is that they don't self-police the rubbers who inevitably get in. If Willy is a caught watching kiddie porn on the corp's equipment, the company shouldn't have to fight the union to get him axed. Modern unions for the most part will defend their members regardless of the infraction, including a criminal offense like this... If Steve is slacking and not getting his work done, Steve's coworkers should actively work with him to get him productive and if he isn't, give him da boot. Negative contributors drag everyone down.

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