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Comment Re:Hmmm .... (Score 1) 858

Hank: So are you Chinese or Japanese? Minh: No, we are Laotian. Bill: The ocean? What ocean? Kahn: From Laos, stupid! It's a landlocked country in South East Asia between Vietnam and Thailand, population approximately 4.7 million!

Submission + - Twitter App for Android Unsafe over Wifi

DominatorDan writes: So I was capturing my traffic with Shark for Root and noticed that my Twitter username and password were sent in the clear when the app updates on my Droid over WiFi. I'm going to uninstall the app until SSL or some other type of encryption is enabled. I have not performed a capture over CDMA, but I plan to. Until its fixed, get thee to a free hot-spot and start capturing data.... You'll never know what you might find!

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