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Comment: Re:Assumptions? (Score -1) 441

by DogPhilosopher (#48318633) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

If you want a "fish out of water" story, then how about Asians that have chosen to change their name in order to "fit in"?

Won't happen, because SJWs have decided that (when it suits them) Asians are classified as honorary whites. And feminist issues don't apply to asian women, because they tend to actually achieve, so they must be honorary men.

Comment: Re:The thesis has been debunked already (Score 0) 441

by DogPhilosopher (#48318403) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

There is this collection of what are known as "Third Wave, Sex Negative, Feminists" that are making the rounds.

I'm in Europe (Netherlands), so I had no idea, thanks. We'll probably import this BS within a year, it's a dutch tradition.
Right now the dutch media are too busy giving a platform to muslim SJWs who complain about islamophobia, while waving ISIS flags and swastikas and firebombing jewish homes (no joke). And a small number of very vocal black activists who discovered Malcolm X a few years ago and are now imitating him, very retro and completely ridiculous.

But it's not clear to me what Hillary Clinton has to do with it. I assume these femnazis want her to win the elections because it would be a symbolic victory for women. So they troll and spam from their campus bubbles like true armchair revolutionaries. Does Clinton support this stuff? I'm guessing she doesn't, with friends like that who needs enemies.

and they've been pissing off gamers lately with that whole gamer gate thing.

That made the evening news here (totally misrepresented of course). I only knew about it through slashdot.

They even went so far as to repeal due process in California universities with their "yes means yes" campaign.

I had to google that, and came across a quote by one Ezra Klein: "men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter". Wow.. just wow. I'm so happy I don't live in the US (no offense). Only other place I know that is that extreme is Sweden.

they're being humored in most places because no one wants to be called a bigot.

Sounds very familiar. But if they keep it up, people will get pissed off at some point and file claims against them for harassment/slander/false accusations etc. This happened yesterday to one of those `black activists' here, you can't go around accusing people of shit and not expect a backlash because you're hiding behind your genderor race.

But that's is what is going on. They're spamming the media with their nonsense.

Thanks again for providing some context.

Comment: Re:The last statement sums it up (Score 0) 441

by DogPhilosopher (#48317743) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

My responsibilities in the work place to my co-workers; I must respect them, they are human beings. Their gender does not matter. If I can reconfigure our cisco routers, any women of any race with the same knowledge and expertise can do the same thing. I will provide them equal respect for this as I would a caucasian male. I will treat them professionally without discrimination. I will include them in any work related activities on a business level of productivity and participation within the company.

What is this talk of respect, equality and professionalism!? You don't sound black at all! The industry needs to change to make everyone feel included and accepted, so be more racist and sexist, like the author!

White men have to deal with these assholes too, sometimes they just don't "us" either, and we get treated with shitty condenscending comments where we're shocked we didn't punch them in the face for it and what they said is HR worthy.

Amen to that. I'd love to see such stories here, I bet there are plenty of /. readers who got tons of those.

Comment: Re:Irony (Score 1) 441

by DogPhilosopher (#48317513) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

Indeed, it seems that the author doesn't understand the terms `racism' and `diversity', or redefines them to mean something that suits her prejudices. Exhibit A:

I suspect THD’s diverse environment had something to do with being in Atlanta, a city that is 54% African-American. It’s hard not to be diverse when the local demographics force you to be.

The `diversity' of a working environment reflects the local `diversity', what a revelation! She still finds a way to spin this basic fact into something negative and racist. No wonder she needed therapy.

TFA is a barrage of micro- and not-so micro-agressions against white men. Yet another worthless article on medium.com, I sincerely (really, please don't mod me troll) wonder why this is on /., can anyone explain?

Comment: Re:The thesis has been debunked already (Score 0) 441

by DogPhilosopher (#48317391) Attached to: The Other Side of Diversity In Tech

Okay... so you're saying feminism is just a giant political movement built around toxic daddy issues?

As (another?) AC wrote a few comments ago, "Speculatively children have easier identifying with the parent of the same gender as they have.", so this would be about toxic mommies, not daddies.

But feminism isn't really about blaming your bad life choices on mommy. It's about posting on a technology site as AC, complaining bitterly about your personal lack of interest in technology.

Explain again why I'm not supposed to laugh at you? Because it is really really hard.

It would be laughable, if we came across this kind of crap once a year. But /. has irrelevant, revisionist `stories' like this once a week now, and it's become really annoying. I'd really like to know what's behind this, but anyone complaining gets modded troll (just found out I have bad karma now). The extremists are trying to censor us.

PS I doubt AC ever read your reply. It would fall on deaf ears anyway, she sounds like a true beliver.

Comment: Re:STOP WHINING ALREADY (Score 0) 200

by DogPhilosopher (#48189035) Attached to: The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut

100's of stories, and a few of the are about women an you freak out.
WTF is wrong with you?

This is Slashdot, not Femdot, Slashfem, Diversitydot etc. Take the activism (=whining, halftruths, lies, bullying, playing the victim card, demanding special treatment and general BS) somewhere else please.


Comment: Re:STOP WHINING ALREADY (Score 1) 200

by DogPhilosopher (#48188855) Attached to: The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut

This seems to be the new standard spin on these stories after simply trying to claim that there wasn't a problem failed. Now it's just "we are sick of hearing about the problems".

If you read some of the comments here, you will understand the "problem" is made up, see for example "Yeti/Area-51/LochNess story just won't die" above. TFA is a bunch of lies and whining.

Had the same thing when it was the rights of black people and the rights of gay people. Standard tactic to avoid addressing the issue directly.

Indeed, I read the same type of crap about black people here on Slashdot, claiming "hiring discrimination" in tech where there is none. Jesse Jackson is on the warpath again, extorting money from tech companies. You can't hire black developers that don't exist.

As for gays, I've never seen an article on Slashdot about the lack of (openly) gay astronauts. I think they have more right to complain though, they couldn't meet NASA's standards, because they included an airforce background.

The you throw in a few straw feminist arguments and some insults, revealing your true motive.

Can you point at the straw arguments, I guess you mean the other stories I mention? You can't deny there's a pattern there.
My true motive huh? Please tell me what my motives are. Are you psychic?

Comment: Re:STOP WHINING ALREADY (Score 1) 200

by DogPhilosopher (#48188637) Attached to: The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut

What an absolutely perfect display of the frustration of someone losing unearned privilege.
Not very self-aware are you?

I'm frustrated about the whining and the pollution of Slashdot by activists who post non-stories full of half-truths and lies, nothing else. Tell me what my privilege is exactly, I have a white penis but I never went to space.

Concerning self-awareness, do you realise that you prove my point by posting as AC?

Comment: STOP WHINING ALREADY (Score 0, Troll) 200

by DogPhilosopher (#48184765) Attached to: The Woman Who Should Have Been the First Female Astronaut

Wtf happened to Slashdot? There's a story like this posted 5 times a week now, and I'm getting really sick of it. Donglegate, women hula hooping at GitHub, failed female astronauts, and a ton of other non-stories get posted here. And then a million femnazis come out of the woodwork and post as AC in support of the thesis that "All women would be super-rich internet entrepreneurs were it not for the developer-king patriarchs ruling Silicon Valley", ie "Boys are mean and girls are sugar and spice and everything nice".

Walter Isaacson "singles out the achievements of unheralded women" in computing in his latest book, and absurdly pretends that nobody ever heard of Ada Lovelace any credit..



Comment: Re:Frankly (Score 1) 146

by DogPhilosopher (#47718921) Attached to: Researchers Find Security Flaws In Backscatter X-ray Scanners

Super hot fuck! Who does that? Who the fuck surpluses a secret government machine? Seriously, who the shit did this? Did no one account for the surplus process?

I agree that this is an epic fail. Apart from the obvious issues you point out, who would have a legitimate use for such a machine? And what is the financial benefit of selling these? This is mindless penny-pinching at its worst.

But imho the bigger fail is the security-through-obscurity mindset. Why not provide prototypes to security researchers, and find and fix the holes, BEFORE wasting hundreds of millions of tax dollars on these pieces of shit? You have to wonder, what did the bidding process look like, who signed for this? Very fishy.

Everybody already knew that backscatter machines are useless props in security theatre, and that they're a health hazard. But this makes it even worse, a new low. These things have to go.

Comment: Re:I know exactly what happened. (Score 1) 710

My two cents, freely speculating here until we get more facts:

This sounds like the founder's wife is a loose cannon with a her own little unofficial organization within the company. I have seen this before. This seems like the founder's wife was trying to recruit her into her network of spies.

Wouldn't it be more plausible that the founder (Asshole Entrepreneur or AE for short) and his wife (Colossal Bitch or CB) were teaming up to create the `spy network'? It would explain why AE let her come to the office when she had no bussiness being there. AE let CB do the dirty work so that he has plausible deniability.

This is where things are going sideways and neither she nor her partner see what is going on. By Horvath's partner talking to the founder's wife, they both made it onto her enemy list and became targets.

Indeed. Horvath had turned down the offer, and was now a liability because she knew too much. Partner talks to AE, now he's also a threat to both.

This is an indication that HR has been made aware of a situation and is investigating it. This was probably initiated by the founder's wife via the founder because of Horvath's partner.

AE and CB want to fire the couple and sic the HR department on them.

This is the investigation.

"Investigation" = "thinking of ways to get rid of the couple".

She said that having her personal relationship dragged into her work life and put on show for her coworkers didn’t sit well with her.

That is always a danger when one dates or is married to a coworker

AE and CB see this as a weakness they can exploit. The colleague making a pass at Horvath is a spy for CB and clumsily attempts to drive a wedge between Horvath and partner. Or maybe provoke a complaint to HR, which AE might then be able to twist into a reason for firing the couple.

The meeting did not go well.

>If she thought it would, she was a fool

She didn't, that's why she wanted HR there. She was a fool for thinking that HR would protect her against AE though. He's their paymaster, so they do what he says (probably a good cop/bad cop routine).

Never trust HR slime! They won't stick their neck out for you, and even if they did, it'd be chopped off. They don't have any real power.

Did she ask when she supposedly did that or ask for evidence?

Horvath cried during the episode,

What? Seriously? Instead of acting offended she acted like a child.

She probably didn't get a chance to talk about evidence or anything else, This was not a conversation, just a shouting / bullying session. Not everybody can deal with that kind of psychological pressure.

It is a bad idea to to date coworkers.

It seems they had been dating for a while, so why didn't AE bring it up much earlier? He was just looking for weak spots.

This is why I think the founder's wife said Horvath's partner delivered threat or something similar. That iis the most likely scenario. There is no proof, so he can't be fired for it, and the probably have no paper trail to fire him. But, I have little doubt they are building one.

I don't think threats were involved, because they'd have fired him on the spot. There is probably no paper trail for anything, because managers like this don't like to commit *anything* to paper. Why document your own diabolical schemes and incompetence and build a case against yourself?

Regardless of what Horvath thinks, this isn't about her being female. It is about power plays by the founder and his wife. Horvath and her partner were too blind to see what was going on. The founder's wife wanted Horvath on her "team" and things would have been OK if Horvath and her partner had just kept their mouths shut.

I agree that this is not about sexism. But things would never have been OK, even if she had agreed to spy. You just can't win if you're a pawn in a psycho's power game, best option is to update your resume and start applying for another job (from a home PC!).

the founder's wife engaged in a campaign to get rid of Horvath, the ungrateful person who had not just rejected being part of the founder's wife's circle but had her boyfriend tell the founder's wife to leave Horvath alone.

They went after them not for being ungrateful, but because they could compromise the spy network. Since the AE has now been sent on leave, it seems that the other founder didn't know about the spies. So probably the network was built to undermine his position.

is just Horvath being overly-sensitive probably because of the all the other stuff

She might not have been overly sensitive here, just (mis)calculating. The reason we're discussing this here on Slashdot is that she played the sexism card. If she had just complained about power games nobody would have noticed. This looks like a crude attempt at damaging the company's reputation. Very, very bad idea, who'd hire her now?

In the end everybody lost, but clearly AE and CB got what they deserved. It seems they love intrigue.. but they're not very good at it! They're unemployable IMHO. Still, some folks don't keep up with tech news and are impressed by titles like `co-founder of GitHub', so AE will probably be working at another tech company soon, and try the same stupid shit again.

Closing remarks:
I don't understand why some people are blaming the victim. She may have been naive, but she was in a difficult situation. I'm not sure what she could have done to avoid all this, except maybe avoid CB from the start. Another approach would have been to talk to the CEO about the spies, but it didn't occur to her because she was in the dark (we're all still speculating). Even then she might have been thrown out, we all know what happens to whistleblowers.

Comment: Re:NP-hard? (Score 1) 172

by DogPhilosopher (#45949407) Attached to: Regex Golf, xkcd, and Peter Norvig

.Giving a shitty algorithm to solve a problem, and then saying that it would also solve SET COVER, does not imply that any algorithm for solving the first problem can be used to solve SET COVER via a Karp reduction.

Btw, SET COVER is relevant for some learning problems. Constructing a fastest learner for finite identification of a finite class of finite languages (`preset learner') is equivalent to SET COVER, see page 6 of

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