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Comment Re:This is France not USA (Score 0) 468

Unfortunately it's not so hard to get an AK or even an RPG in Europe, nor are they very expensive. There are a lot of 'em floating around because of the civil war in ex-Yugoslavia, the Croatian government made a lot of money with gun trafficking. AK goes for +- 1000 EU on black market, and sellers aren't that hard to find (esp in Brussels), just talk to a junkie or drugdealer on the street. If you move in jihadist circles like our train-riding friend did, you'll get one for free just for signing up. And unfortunately ilegal firearms aren't a priority for European police. Dutch police has even stated explicitly that they don't have the manpower to do anything about it.

Comment Re:Police (Score 1) 148

Fighting local terror is a police task. They are trained for that.

European police is generally not trained to deal with AKs and RPGs. The cop that was executed in Paris wasn't even armed. This is why France has GIGN.

Beside the will of "security people" we should fight terrorists with good police work and we should address the core issues which trigger people to become terrorists. One key ingredient for radicalization (which is a requirement to become a terrorist of any kind) is a feeling of powerlessness and the feeling of lack of communication. The latter includes that nobody really listens to you.

So, you have deep insights into french society, do you? Or is this just your normalcy bias speaking?
There has been a lot of research into what makes someone turn to terrorism. Poverty, alienation, feelings of powerlessness etc are not key, it's the presence of a charismatic leader. Just look at Marseille, poor, over 40% muslim, high crime rates, but virtually no extremism.
As for nobody listening, there has been a debate about islam and extremism in Europe for at least 25 years. I literally cannot turn on the tv or grab a newspaper without coming across an interview with muslim extremists, who predictably switch between issuing threats and playing the victim. It goes around in circles and never ends.

It is not enough when you are allowed to post or say anything, as long as no one is really engaging in a personal discussion (not debate) then there is no real communication in terms of the problems the people have. Also people get frustrated and angry, because what ever they do they are not getting anywhere.

And whose fault is that? There are different groups of muslims in Europe, in the Netherlands we have Ahmaddiya muslims of Indian extraction for example. They they know how to raise their kids and don't bother anybody. In contrast, immigrants from North-African villages are used to letting their children run around outside, they expect the public to correct them (=beat to a bloody pulp) when they get up to no good. This doesn't work in European cities, so they turn feral when they're 4-6 yo. It's hard to socialize kids after that, and given the complete lack of parental oversight, it goes downhill from there. They pick up street-skills like hotwiring cars, making molotovs, knive-fighting etc at a young age. Combined with their culture's ideas about masculinity and violence, and their disdain for book-learning, you get unemployable highschool dropouts.
Combined with the out-group hostility of their culture, and the racism, sectarianism and ultranationalism they pick up from foreign satellite tv, you get a group that is open to extremist thought.

Btw 1000s of young people from Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey have gone to join IS, this is *not* a European problem.

In addition your school grades are similar effected (males) when you have a foreign name or if you have a name which is typical associated with low income (e.g. Kevin in Germany).

Yeah, loads of terrorist Kevins about, randomly beheading people.

Comment Re:Je suis Charlie (Score 0) 509

They were al-Qaeda, not ISIS. The point of the whole thing was for AQIP to get back in the spotlight, since ISIS has kind of been upstaging them lately.

Other than that, I've thought similar things about european muslims burning down their own neighborhoods and complaining about police harassment. It might be a good idea to turn them into temporrary enclaves, ie build a fence around their ghettos and invite police from their countries of origin to patrol them for a year or so. Send anybody that gets arrested back to their countries of origin for trial and incarceration. I might clean up their act very quickly.

Comment Re:The main problem (Score 0) 189

People tend to see anyone disagreeing with them as "harassment".

This. Sarkeesian is a good example, she collected comments on her videos and presented them to her followers as "mysogyny" and "harassment". If you actually read hem, they're pointing out the flaws in her videos (minor things like the controller being off, and the in-game footage being stolen from "let's play" videos). That's how cults work.

Note how I will get down-modded "troll" for the following sentence.

I've been modded troll here on /. simply for wondering why a story was on here (one of those misandrist pieces attacking the /. readership). I've seen it happen to others as lot lately, just for pointing out that developer jobs can be very stressful for example. The censorship that EFF is proposing has already been introduced here over a year ago, I've seen people claim it's CmdrTaco doing this. Twitter is also being censored now

Comment Re:In the name of Allah ! (Score 0) 1350

And when you are intolerant, you express blanket intolerance. Great way to make enemies and end up like Europe.

What in the world do you mean? Are you saying the attack was due to european "intolerance"? Way to blame the victim. And are you claiming islamists don't bear a grudge towards America? Riiiight..

Or it would make them feel oppressed and alienated, leading them to lend an ear to the extremists. Oh wait, this is exactly what is happening. You are your own worst enemy.

Are you saying the attackers joined al-Qaeda because of all the terrible oppression and discrimination? Research debunks that narrative time and time again, but some people just want to believe it I guess.
If France is so bad, why have muslims flocked there ever since the doors were opened in '72? And why don't they go back? Also, thousands of N Africans have joined their local al-Qaeda branch, or went to Syria to join IS, many more than the european muslims.
Do you realize they have waged a low-intensity civil war against French society for decades? Car burnings happen everyday, gang rapes targetting infidel women are common, as is rioting & looting. Just last month, I counted 5 "terrorist" attacks in France: 3 instances of muslims plowing cars into Christmas markets, one of stabbing a police officer, and one attempted strangling of a police officer. This goes on all over NW Europe.
Muslims cry oppression even in Sweden. To illustrate the sense of entitlement, newly arrived Syrian refugees there protested against their "cold and rural" accomodations:

They are violent in their own countries as well, despite the repression. A few examples from N Africa:
Hooliganism (note the knifes, very typical):

There's plenty more, google "muslim rape gang" some time. Example from India:

I've lived in several large and medium-sized european cities, the stories I could tell.. I know plenty of people who have been stabbed, pistol whipped, beaten up, groped or raped by muslims, even witnessed a few attacks with my own eyes. Sometimes they film their attacks and put them online, very smart.

Comment Re:Leaders in the west should make it clear that (Score 0) 1350

This is exactly what the (muslim) mayor of Rotterdam said yesterday: "if you don't like it here, if you don't like Western values, then pack your bags. Just fuck off".

I appreciate the sentiment, but it's not going to happen. Muslims didn't come to Europe for the culture, they came for the money. The 2nd generation still hold passports to the homeland of their parents, but they're not going back. They stay for the money, and also for the freedom - they'd never get away with their shit in their "host countries". Going to a different muslim country is no option either, since they don't grant citizenship to foreigners. This is one of the reasons that some find the Islamic State attractive, it doesn't care about passports and nationality.

Comment Re:Vive la France! (Score 0) 1350

You took the words out of my mouth. I'm surprised that the Slashdot editors didn't jump on the opportunity to continue the witchhunt and pin this on gamers. Or at least shift the blame to the dreaded mysoginistic White Man, who, of course, is the root of all evil. If all else fails, we could always blame the jews, or has that been declared sooooo 2014 by the Tumblerists?

Anyway, concerning the US media, have they reported at all on the 5 muslim attacks in France last month?

Concerning French victories, they kicked some very nasty people out of Mali recently.

Comment Re:Assumptions? (Score -1) 441

If you want a "fish out of water" story, then how about Asians that have chosen to change their name in order to "fit in"?

Won't happen, because SJWs have decided that (when it suits them) Asians are classified as honorary whites. And feminist issues don't apply to asian women, because they tend to actually achieve, so they must be honorary men.

Comment Re:The thesis has been debunked already (Score 0) 441

There is this collection of what are known as "Third Wave, Sex Negative, Feminists" that are making the rounds.

I'm in Europe (Netherlands), so I had no idea, thanks. We'll probably import this BS within a year, it's a dutch tradition.
Right now the dutch media are too busy giving a platform to muslim SJWs who complain about islamophobia, while waving ISIS flags and swastikas and firebombing jewish homes (no joke). And a small number of very vocal black activists who discovered Malcolm X a few years ago and are now imitating him, very retro and completely ridiculous.

But it's not clear to me what Hillary Clinton has to do with it. I assume these femnazis want her to win the elections because it would be a symbolic victory for women. So they troll and spam from their campus bubbles like true armchair revolutionaries. Does Clinton support this stuff? I'm guessing she doesn't, with friends like that who needs enemies.

and they've been pissing off gamers lately with that whole gamer gate thing.

That made the evening news here (totally misrepresented of course). I only knew about it through slashdot.

They even went so far as to repeal due process in California universities with their "yes means yes" campaign.

I had to google that, and came across a quote by one Ezra Klein: "men need to feel a cold spike of fear when they begin a sexual encounter". Wow.. just wow. I'm so happy I don't live in the US (no offense). Only other place I know that is that extreme is Sweden.

they're being humored in most places because no one wants to be called a bigot.

Sounds very familiar. But if they keep it up, people will get pissed off at some point and file claims against them for harassment/slander/false accusations etc. This happened yesterday to one of those `black activists' here, you can't go around accusing people of shit and not expect a backlash because you're hiding behind your genderor race.

But that's is what is going on. They're spamming the media with their nonsense.

Thanks again for providing some context.

Comment Re:The last statement sums it up (Score 0) 441

My responsibilities in the work place to my co-workers; I must respect them, they are human beings. Their gender does not matter. If I can reconfigure our cisco routers, any women of any race with the same knowledge and expertise can do the same thing. I will provide them equal respect for this as I would a caucasian male. I will treat them professionally without discrimination. I will include them in any work related activities on a business level of productivity and participation within the company.

What is this talk of respect, equality and professionalism!? You don't sound black at all! The industry needs to change to make everyone feel included and accepted, so be more racist and sexist, like the author!

White men have to deal with these assholes too, sometimes they just don't "us" either, and we get treated with shitty condenscending comments where we're shocked we didn't punch them in the face for it and what they said is HR worthy.

Amen to that. I'd love to see such stories here, I bet there are plenty of /. readers who got tons of those.

Comment Re:Irony (Score 1) 441

Indeed, it seems that the author doesn't understand the terms `racism' and `diversity', or redefines them to mean something that suits her prejudices. Exhibit A:

I suspect THD’s diverse environment had something to do with being in Atlanta, a city that is 54% African-American. It’s hard not to be diverse when the local demographics force you to be.

The `diversity' of a working environment reflects the local `diversity', what a revelation! She still finds a way to spin this basic fact into something negative and racist. No wonder she needed therapy.

TFA is a barrage of micro- and not-so micro-agressions against white men. Yet another worthless article on, I sincerely (really, please don't mod me troll) wonder why this is on /., can anyone explain?

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