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+ - The trillion-euro phone bill that ate France-> 1

Submitted by DogPhilosopher
DogPhilosopher (1149275) writes "Solenne San Jose, from Pessac, France, could not believe her eyes when she opened the bill to discover she was being asked to pay 11,721,000,000,000,000 euros to close her account.

Operators at Bouygues Telecom told her they could not amend the computer-generated statement or stop the balance from being debited from her bank account."

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It's funny.  Laugh.

+ - Prophets of Global Warming and the Apocalypse

Submitted by DogPhilosopher
DogPhilosopher (1149275) writes "The dutch newspaper `Nederlands Dagblad' reported on August 22 that
"The current `massive' focus on global climate change is `nothing less than a prelude to the coming of the Antichrist to this world'". Of this Feike Ter Velde is convinced.

Mr Ter Velde used to be a tv host for EO, an evangelical network that broadcasts its own mangled (creationist) versions of BBC documentaries such as "Life of mammals". He now writes for `Het Zoeklicht', a periodical that reports on the latest trends in prophetic matters. He has previously denounced Russia, communism, Muslims, the Chinese, internet and the UN as harbingers of the Apocalypse. His latest prophecy was revealed to him after hearing that 2 million people watched Live Earth.

"This issue, and its hyping by the media, is paving the way for the coming of a great world leader
who will solve all problems, doeth great miracles and signs (Revelations 13:13) and mobilize the masses for himself, this false prophet".
"The whole world will worship this leader and `be united with him in a false religion" according to Ter Velde. He warns his readers: "Do not be led into temptation, be vigilant! Jesus, the true Messiah, is coming to receive His Congregation in glory".

Which leaves me wondering, were does Al Gore keep his other 6 heads?

Original story (Dutch, use Babelfish): &vorigDocument=&id=98340"

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