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Comment: Re:Most Unbiased Slashdot Gamergate Article (Score 4, Insightful) 556

by DogDude (#48631821) Attached to: FBI Confirms Open Investigation Into Gamergate
That's because none of that little shit matters. Nobody really cares about a bunch of guys who live in their parents' basements arguing about video games. People do care when a bunch of people threaten other people with bodily harm.

Get some perspective, moron.

Comment: Re:Why I got a Pebble (Score 2) 232

by DogDude (#48628683) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Can I Really Do With a Smart Watch?
Best part is when you're in a meeting and your phone buzzes, you can just check your wrist to see what it was which is far more discrete than pulling out your phone, unlocking it, and then finding the right app.

Or you can just get a Windows Phone which shows all of the message indicators on the lock screen.

Comment: Re:Wow, I'd be pretty angry (Score 1) 167

by DogDude (#48418487) Attached to: Microsoft Azure Outage Across the Globe
Unfortunately, CIOs and other execs just see the numbers on a spreadsheet and don't take the costs of outages that you can't control into account.

You're just pulling that statement out of your ass. Most people who run large companies aren't stupid, and I'm sure that many of them do take into consideration the costs of outages.

Comment: Re:Oh no (Score 1) 297

by DogDude (#48349541) Attached to: Study: Body Weight Heavily Influenced By Heritable Gut Microbes
Here we go, endless posts about how it's all down to pure willpower and entirely the fault of the individual.

Hey, if you know of an example where mass was spontaneously created without the addition of energy, it's vitally important that you tell somebody. Physicists everywhere need to know if there's a place in our universe where the law of conservation of mass doesn't apply (in general relativity, of course).

Comment: Re:Zero emissions (Score 1, Flamebait) 695

Class warfare has nothing to do with it, you thick shit. The wealthy run the large companies, which in turn own the governments (at least in the US), who make the decisions not to do anything about climate change, and also to spew utter horseshit like, "There's nothing we can do." Regular people aren't the ones clamoring to do nothing about climate change.

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