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Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 356

How does one block images from a web site that's in your address bar of your browser? You ask the web server for *some* of the images from a web site, but not others? That's my whole point. If I'm going to whatever.com, I'm fine with seeing content from whatever.com, whether it's "content" or advertisements. I'm not OK with seeing content from shittyadnetwork.com.

Comment Re:No such thing (Score 1) 356

The problem is that you seem to think that the "virtual" world somehow is different than the "real" world. It isn't. I know lots of people who listen to NPR and very few people who listen to "regular" radio. Why? Partially, because they don't have screaming ads about gold scams and dick hardening pills. It's the same thing.

Tens of thousands of visitors should mean "take some time to earn money from this or I'm going to run out of money really fast." You didn't, and it fell over. I'm sorry. Your'e continuing to insist that what you did was the correct answer, when it obviously didn't work. If you can't learn from your own mistakes...

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