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Comment Disrespect goes both ways (Score 1) 458

My current work on userspace graphics enabling may require me to send an occasional quirks kernel patch, but I know I will spend at least a day dreading the potential toxic background radiation of interacting with the kernel community before I send anything

My wife and I did some extensive work to learn how to avoid expressing disrespect to each other.

One day I complained to her that she'd made me swim in a sea of toxic disrespectful judgments all day.

What I learned from the professionals was that using hyperbolic labels like "toxic" is also disrespectful. It's better to just stick to noting that you felt disrespected by a particular statement or statements until the message gets across - assuming the other side is working on learning to avoid disrespect. If they aren't, you identify the disrespect for them, notify them you aren't going to tolerate it any more, and then enforce boundaries to make sure you aren't subjected to it any more.

Another thing I learned is that people who are in an abusive relationship (including disrespect) tend to become abusers themselves.

Comment Re:Who actually wants this? (Score 1) 54

Well if it means we're going from small devices with small apps and small amounts of resources to suddenly making them full on desktop machines, I just don't see the point.

And that's totally fine. The point isn't what YOU want, it's what some private company wants to do and these actions will in no way, shape, or form negatively impact your life and thus getting all up in a huff about it is a little over the top.

Comment Re:Who actually wants this? (Score 2) 54

What percentage of Android owners even remotely want any of this?

Users don't know what they want until it is provided to them and, honestly, if you don't want any part of it, that's cool but perhaps it will really help developers port their work cross-platform and bring us to a completely different level.

I would love to see Android or iOS apps come back across the divide in some cases, so there's likely a market in reverse.

No sense in getting all fired up about CodeWeavers doing this.

Comment Re:Solid is better for a long live maintainance. (Score 1) 36

If it is liquid as mercury then it can make corrosion to the metals or semiconductors. It is a bad notice of using liquid in the system.

Inorite? Like, just imagine if they decided to use molten sodium hydroxide, that shit'll eat just about anything you throw at it, even glass - These engineers must count as such complete morons! XD

Seriously, why the hell would you jump right to assuming they would use some sort of corrosive liquid for this system? Realistically, you just use a light mineral oil, or if you have the budget for it, something like Fluorinert.

Comment reLOCATES the heatsink and fans (Score 5, Insightful) 36

Liquid cooling, no matter how efficient, still requires you to dump the waste heat somewhere. You don't magically get to just seal up the vents in the case because "liquid!".

That said, yes, this counts as a very cool (no pun intended) step forward, and will vastly improve the number of transistors we can pack into an arbitrary sized box - But make no mistake, that "savings" comes at the cost of needing an external radiator.


Comment Re:Ugly Americanism (Score 1) 128

English is indeed the international language of the travel industry. In fact, it's the world's second language. People who have never been to any English-speaking countries use it as a common language to talk to each other. I think you need to get out more, your views are provincial and blinkered.

Comment Re: Not wasted (Score 1) 172

I think you are confusing image capture resolution with image display resolution.

It doesn't matter what image image capture resolution you have if your display resolution is orders of magnitude less.

So no, I'm not confusing the two.

>I said 7 years ago

'Splain to me how RI Hospital had access to Retina display resolution. Give three examples.

I'm pretty sure it is you who are confused.


Comment Re:Does the submitter know .... (Score 1) 27

The Isle of Man TT is a thing of fucking beauty.

There is nothing else like it anywhere. Oh yes, there are moto races that are longer and "less boring" to the NASCAR crowd, but if you pay attention for even 5 minutes to this race, you will be hooked like I was.

It is motorcycle erotica. Not porn, erotica.

And they've started racing electric bikes a couple of years ago.


Comment Re: Not wasted (Score 2) 172

>It's probably industrial

Or medical.

X-rays are sent 'round the hospital not on film these days, but as files. 7-8 years ago XGA flat panels and similar were pretty standard at RI Hospital. The thing is, when you have a fracture that is the head of your radius pushed into your radius, it's very difficult to see the actual break with that fuzzy resolution (because it looks normal). After going home with some Oxycontin (urgh, never again) I had to take the actual films to my orthopedist who put them on a wall mounted light-table and then it was plain to see. Even my untrained eye caught it.

If it was an 8k display at RI Hospital, they would have seen it.

(there is nothing you can really do for that kind of fracture anyway except to use a sling when the pain gets irritating - if a doctor puts a cast on you in the ER, go to your ortho and have it cut off the next couple of days, or else you're looking at surgery on your elbow later (my ortho told me this and he was right)).


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