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Comment: Re:Marketing MIA (Score 1) 625

by Doctor Crumb (#26535755) Attached to: Canonical Close To $30M Critical Mass; Should Microsoft Worry?

"That information is available for me, as a technical user, if I want it"

Really? I'm a technical user, yet I have no idea where to find additional information as to why MS Word has encountered an error and needs to close. A simple "click here to view the logfile" is easily ignored by non-technical users but actually lets an advanced user figure out wtf just happened.

Comment: Re:Sony is making money... (Score 1) 302

by Doctor Crumb (#26272351) Attached to: Breaking Down the Dropping Parts Cost for Sony's PS3

That would be true if there wasn't a shwack of other costs associated with each unit in addition to the cost of the parts. It costs money to build factories, ship units, print packaging, do quality control testing, etc etc. Unless Sony has also managed to make all of those things cheaper, I would bet they still aren't actually making a profit on each PS3 sold.

That said, Sony may still decide to drop the price to encourage sales now that the holiday shopping season is behind them.

Comment: Re:No native OS X support? (Score 3, Informative) 639

by Doctor Crumb (#25222081) Attached to: GIMP 2.6 Released

I would tell you that, no, you should not install the Gimp if those are your requirements. Congratulations, you're free to use whatever fits your actual needs! However, the Gimp does fit my requirements and plenty of other people's, so kindly stop bashing it and go quietly use whatever your tool of choice is instead. Thank you.

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