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Comment: Re:Why a government site? (Score 2) 79

by smooth wombat (#48195721) Attached to: Overwhelmed By Recall For Deadly Airbags
Why should the government be the main source for recall information?

One central point of information.

Shouldn't that come from the manufacturer/importer?

They do but most people ignore the mailings or emails. However, by pointing to a web site, that somehow triggers people into looking (considering how much people are online to begin with).

Besides, if you're buying a used car, this is an easy way to see if it is on a recalled list since you wouldn't have been notified by the manufacturer.

Comment: Re:So it's like Colorado (Score 1) 273

by smooth wombat (#48195327) Attached to: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected

Yes, it is an insignificant figure considering they said they would get $184 million. Do the math, that's less than a quarter of what they said they would get (21.7% to be exact).

But thank you for playing and proving my point of people's hypocrisy when it comes to something they don't like (red light cameras) and things they do like (legalizing marijuana).

When something you don't like doesn't meet its expectation it's a complete and utter failure. When something you do like doesn't meet it's expectation it still got something.

Comment: So it's like Colorado (Score 0, Offtopic) 273

by smooth wombat (#48194859) Attached to: Speed Cameras In Chicago Earn $50M Less Than Expected
Colorado made a big deal of how much money they would take in by legalizing marijuana. They, the state, predicted they would take in $184 million in the first year and now it looks like they'll be lucky to hit $40 million.

This doesn't include the associated costs with the increase in crime or loss of productivity which have to be taken out of that amount.

So using the inevitable whining from people on here, Colorado's experiment is just as much a failure as Chicagos.

Comment: Integrity? (Score 1) 147

by smooth wombat (#48194537) Attached to: Facebook To DEA: Stop Using Phony Profiles To Nab Criminals
threaten the integrity of our community,"

Considering Facebook vacuums every tidbit of information about a person (name, location, sites they visit, friends, etc), I don't think claiming the integrity of your community is at stake when law enforcement uses it to catch criminals is the way to go, especially considering the numerous times Facebook has already been caught manipulating results or running secret tests on users.

Comment: Re:Some Sense Restored? (Score 1) 519

by causality (#48171175) Attached to: Debian Talks About Systemd Once Again

Gimp has a dbus dependency, and dbus in turn has the systemd libs as dependencies.

Which still sounds odd to me. I'm running Gentoo on my main desktop (Mint on my laptop) and have never installed systemd. I've decided to stick with OpenRC. GIMP works fine here and I do have dbus installed.

It seems this dbus dependency is not an unsolvable problem.

Comment: Re: I'm a vegetarian... (Score 1) 57

by causality (#48120477) Attached to: Flash IDE Can Now Reach Non-Flash Targets (Including Open Source)

That's funny because twenty years ago, people were saying exactly the same things about x86 processors.

Slashdot has a long sordid history with Flash.

Pre-Android: "Flash sucks. It's proprietary"

Post Android when Apple was denying Flash on iOS and Google and Adobe were praising how great Flash was on Android: "Flash is great!"

Adobe dumps support for Flash on Android: "Flash sucks. Its proprietary."

It's that proprietary nature that makes this a concern at all. If it weren't proprietary then it wouldn't matter if Adobe themselves decided to release it for a particular platform. The community would produce a version that would run on just about any widely-used system.

Comment: Re:Suspension of Disbelief (Score 1) 193

by smooth wombat (#48105345) Attached to: A Critical Look At Walter "Scorpion" O'Brien

Somehow I happened to see a commercial for it. I say somehow because I no longer have a cable connection so wouldn't normally see commercials.

Anyway, I watched the commercial for this new show and instantly recognized it was a complete and utter disaster, on multiple levels.

Just the preview alone showed the execs were trying much too hard to make a show with suspense and/or cuteness. It's one thing to have someone be able to fool people. It's quite another for someone to deduce which hard drive to pull from a bank of hundreds to stop the explosion/traffic jam/whatever from occurring.

However, one small bit I did like was as the lead character and someone else are racing through the streets, she, the driver, makes some comment about not using seat belts because the car has air bags. Scorpion replied to the effect, the air bags would make things worse at their speed. Therefore, drive faster.

Aside from that, suspension of belief was impossible for anything the commercial showed.

Comment: Re:Its not the technology - it is the tech company (Score 5, Informative) 238

where we are not the highest corporate taxed country on earth.

Except we're not the highest. Chad and the UAE have the highest.

Also, to make up for the loss of revenue, we would have to raise the personal income tax. We could be like Germany with a 45% personal income tax, Norway with 47.2% or Japan at 50.84%.

Oh wait, you thought by lowering corporate taxes things would work themselves out. Now I see the problem.

A comparison of corporate and personal income tax rates

Comment: Re:not complicated...monopology (Score 1) 346

It's also sparsely populated, which should increase cost of infrastructure deployment.

So use Montana, North or South Dakota or even Wyoming as substitutes. Large states, comparable in size, which are sparsely populated.

What's the excuse for them not having good internet service?

Comment: Opposite from my experience (Score 1) 402

Yeah, yeah, one data and all that.

My 2010 Hyundai Elantra claims it will get 29/40. The first time I took it on an extended (highway) trip, I got exactly their 40 mpg figure (actually a fraction above).

As to local driving, I filled up yesterday and the calculation gave me 32.22 mpg though I don't drive what one would consider true city driving such as in New York or LA, more a hybrid of stopping and starting with some distances in between. That is comparable to my usual number with has been as high as 35 in this hybrid city driving.

Obviously winter driving kills your mpg but every car I've driven for the past several decades have all been these types and I have consistently gotten above what the manufacturer says. And no, I'm not doing hyper driving or anything like that. Just common sense driving such as not flooring it to the red light then slamming on the brakes, heavy acceleration off the line and related driving maneuvers.