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by DocHoncho (#47644809) Attached to: New NSA-Funded Code Rolls All Programming Languages Into One

The distinction is determined solely by the prejudices of whomever is bothering to make it. Scripting is a domain in which a programming language is used, not some basic attribute of it. You could use C to write your system automation tools, but it would be a waste of time when a simple Bash script would get the job done quicker and in a far more concise manner. Likewise, you could write your virtualization software in Ruby but its going to be dog slow, and probably full of weird hacks to make shit work.

Programming languages are for solving problems, and depending on the problem you may need the higher level of abstraction provided by a so-called scripting language. Others are better served by getting as close to the metal as possible. Not every problem requires getting bogged down in the minute details of memory allocation, hardware IRQs, or chipset specific instructions. It might make it fast as hell, but you could easily get lost in the weeds and never end up solving the real problem at hand.

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by DocHoncho (#47644785) Attached to: New NSA-Funded Code Rolls All Programming Languages Into One

That's a distinction without a difference. All "scripting languages" are programming languages, quibbling over whether the particular domain a language is used in makes it a "real" language or not is fodder for arrogant asses who need to make others seem smaller to boost their own pathetic egos.

Obviously, different languages have different strengths and weaknesses. You wouldn't write an OS kernel in JavaScript, and you wouldn't write system administration automation in C++. Sneering at the domain of one language or another is just useless posturing.

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by DocHoncho (#47463593) Attached to: Massive Job Cuts Are Reportedly Coming For Microsoft Employees

No kidding. We just witnessed the complete and utter flop that was Microsoft's "innovative Modern UI", complete with "Tablet on the Desktop" but"no Desktop on the Tablet". That went over real well, didn't it? Vista was bad, but mostly a PR disaster. Windows 8 is, in the minds of even the lamest of lusers, even worse than that. Hell, it's not even all that bad, as Microsoft OS's go. Windows 95 was a festering pile of blue-screening shit, but people liked that!

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It only ever happens to me on mobile, so no no-script there. What happens is you can see the link to use classic, and then it disappears behind some other div. To top it off, the stupid fucking website is "responsive," so it squishes itself down into a useless wad of mobile-site and fuck you if you'd rather it stayed a normal full page. So far as I know there's no way to disable CSS Media Queries without browser plugins so the design weenies have finally managed to get us good and stuck in their sweaty ass-crack of "modern web design."

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by DocHoncho (#47321403) Attached to: Building the Infinite Digital Universe of <em>No Man's Sky</em>

I get the feeling that EA forced Will Wright to make all sorts of stupid changes to make it something "anyone can play." There are videos (link) from early versions that show a much more "realistic" look and feel. No cartoonish dancing, googly eyes, or happy singing penis creatures in evidence.

At some point during development some upper management types meddled the game into the pitiful thing that was released. If you look at the information about the development of the game, there are all kinds of cool prototypes that went on to become the game, you can really tell they were trying to do something revolutionary.

EA does NOT do revolutionary.

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If you mean you prefer a menubar in the window (like Windows, and actually, the Apple IIGS can do this too -- but it's not the same menubar as the app's menubar), that breaks usability, because you can't just zoom the cursor up to the top of the screen and it stops.. You have to very carefully position it.

Except you'll have to "very carefully position it" to actually, you know, click on one of those menu items once you've flailed the cursor up to the top of the screen. So I'd say it's a non-issue, and thus the single menu bar is, as ever, crap.

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Worse than Android apps, it only runs Chrome apps. Possibly NaCl is supported, I've no idea, but the bulk of the apps are HTML/CSS/JS zipped up with some metadata. I've been tossing around the idea of getting a Chromebook, but only if Linux could be installed on it easily, which it seems like some Chromebooks cannot do. Mostly they seem to support a weird dual-install that boggles my mind and seems really sub-optimal. Perhaps someone with more experience can elaborate.

Personally, I doubt I could do very much work in ChromeOS itself, and what I could do would be limited to whatever the "SSH client" in the Chrome store can support. SSH is nice and all, but I'd rather not be stuck doing absolutely everything in it especially if network conditions aren't so good. Nothing like your ssh client lagging while you're trying to edit text. Where or where will the cursor be when it catches up, and what got fucked up in the process?

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The Internet is the very definition of decentralized. Sure, Google might provide an easy way to search for what you want, but then you're directed to some half-assed eCommerce site which may, or may not, be trustworthy. Assuming they're legit, or you just don't care, you've got to navigate whatever checkout process they've got, fill out a bunch of forms with personal info, and if you're lucky they don't steal your identity.

Don't get me wrong, what Amazon is doing here is despicable. But let's not kid ourselves, Amazon got to be the size it is because people like being able to just find what they're looking for and buy it with minimal fuss and without navigating the god-awful clusterfuck that is eCommerce. The comparison to Wal-Mart is particularly apt. Not only because of the two companies desire to take over the world, but because Wal-Mart, like Amazon, has excelled in giving people what they want, when they want it, and at a lower price than any competitor. The fact that these kind of retailers are destroying local economies is the last thing on most peoples minds.

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by DocHoncho (#47043439) Attached to: The US Vs. Europe: Freedom of Expression Vs. Privacy

People that complain that corporations are worse than ever are very ignorant of history. For centuries, the East India Company had their own army, waged war in their own name, and occasionally executed people that failed to pay their bills. No modern corporation even comes close.


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Slashdot needs IP shadow banning, so fucktards like APK can spin their wheels with their insane posts and the rest of us can get on with it. I don't know what's gotten into him lately, but practically every single story has a flood of stupid APK's stalker "LOL EAT UR WRODS FEEB" posts. It's starting to get out of hand. Hopefully he gets back on his meds and settles down soon.

APK, before you go on your usual "LOL @UR NOT A >> LICENSED MEDICAL PROFESSIONAL SO U -> KANT KALL ME @KRAZY@" rant, I've got proof that I am and I can. Bitch.

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