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Comment: Don't they need... (Score 2) 405

by Dj Stingray (#46559863) Attached to: L.A. Police: <em>All</em> Cars In L.A. Are Under Investigation

Reasonable suspicion or probable cause first?

Nothing is reasonable about scanning every single license plate you see. If the camera could scan the color/make/year etc of the vehicle, the compare that against known stolen vehicles or vehicles used in other crimes FIRST, then I could see them scanning the plate and doing further investigation, but just blindly scanning plates and recording their location is very disturbing.

Comment: Snowden nailed it... (Score 2) 393

Doesn't matter if you are on the "up and up". Things can be taken out of context. Might as well not give them ANY ammo to use. They say to always exercise your right to be silent. This is a preemptive way to do that.

I think you would be stupid not to try and keep your personal information away from strangers. Also make sure to kill your RFID chips in your credit cards. But for the rest of you, ignorance is bliss. Enjoy.

Comment: Flash (Score 2) 290

by Dj Stingray (#41311763) Attached to: Zuckerberg: Betting On HTML5 Was Facebook's Biggest Mistake

Iunno, I found it ironic that when Flash first came out, it was a way to create and inbed animation and sound into a website with very little weight. I actually used to make Flash sites actually smaller than HTML ones with raster graphics.

Then everyone decided to make Flash sites really heavy. Instead of going the route I thought it would go. The computers and the internet back then were too slow to handle those sites.

Now that we have the bandwidth and computing power, everyone seems to be bashing on Flash. When it is the best developer tool for vector based animation around. It's all backwardsy to me. I didn't expect it to be such a big deal that Adobe bought Macromedia.

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