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Comment: Re:Of course not (Score 1) 169 169

I didn't realize Martian citizenship was quite so open as Canada's.

(for those who didn't know, Canada is one of the easiest western nations to get citizenship- it's pretty common for folks who want to live somewhere dangerous to secure Canadian citizenship so they will get a free evacuation if things go to hell where they actually want to live)

Comment: Rule #1 (Score 2, Informative) 265 265

Don't tie your email account to your ISP. Decide how you are going to get your email independently, then your ISP is just the pipe.

Two benefits:
- You can change your pipe without causing problems- your email address doesn't change
- You have a lot more options for email providers than most people have options for ISPs.

Comment: Re:The root of the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 614 614

A very simple solution, which will of course never be passed:
Require each company to pay an extra $100k tax/year for each H1B worker on their payroll. This tax not to be offsetable by deductions or credits.

This means that except for cases where the H1B actually has a special in-demand skill that can't be found otherwise, it will not be wise to hire H1B instead of others.

Of course, it doesn't fix the problem of simply moving the jobs out of the country.

Comment: Re:Walls (Score 1) 557 557

My parents bought a house at the top of a hill with the lower story mostly underground, and because the do-it-yourself builder didn't plan drainage properly still had water issues with heavy rain until reworking some things (which isn't easy after building). You need to be very careful with drainage.

Comment: Important Question: WHICH DC? (Score 3) 597 597

It's not like there is one single standard DC voltage that everything runs off of. Switching between different DC voltages incurs a loss just like switching between the current AC standard and a given DC voltage incurs a loss.

If one were deploying everything from scratch, one could pick a standard. Right now, everyone is going to want to run the stuff they have, and the AC to DC converters on that stuff, even when they are exposed (i.e. wall-warts) instead of embedded in the device, are converting to a variety of different DC values.

Comment: Re:grandmother reference (Score 2) 468 468

Normally a pirated item does not equate to a lost sale.

But when a company shits on their paying customers, those customers may either avoid the company's games entirely in the future, or decide that that company is an exception to their usual practice of paying money & pirate the game.

You are right that some people seem to enjoy abuse. Those people probably bought the game on the first day out at full retail and will continue to do so. Most of them probably paid enough that their keys didn't get canceled and from them the whole thing is moot.

Comment: Graduate School (Score 4, Insightful) 280 280

If you find a professor that you like and likes you, you can get a graduate degree without new debt, and folks won't care what your undergraduate degree is in once you have an appropriate graduate degree.

The choice of professor is critical for you for several reasons:
1. You need someone in the department to help get you accepted despite your out of area undergrad degree
2. You will be doing what your professor wants with most of your time- so choose wisely
3. You are going to need good advice on which classes are critical to actually take to fill in your knowledge gaps vs which ones you can pick up relevant material quickly on your own.
4. A good professor will have research or teaching funding to pay you while you're spending your time doing what they tell you to.
5. A good professor has connections that will help you find a job after your degree.

The star of riches is shining upon you.