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Comment Re:In other news... (Score 1) 172

I think it is smart to have a 30 year mortgage rather than a 15 year one because my rate is much less than I expect from my investments, and the difference in payments is being invested.

Yes, this does mean that I am somewhat more leveraged, but if the house value really drops enough to be less than I owe on it, well the reason the bank is charging me more than prime is because they are taking the risk of getting the house instead of the money in that case.

Paying off a loan is only a good return if the loan is at a higher rate than you can make using the money, with appropriate risk adjustment

Comment Re:revenue generator gets yelled at by his superio (Score 1) 350

One thing about ticketing an autonomous car when it is not breaking the law, is that there is likely to be plenty of recorded telemetry fight the ticket in court. Google doesn't infractions on the record, and would likely put all necessarily legal effort into fighting it.

Would you really want to be the cop who went through all that hassle to not have a ticket upheld? Not the good sort of fame either.

Comment Re: Work for free!! (Score 1) 124

In this case at least, the $1 coder has made his name known to everyone who RTFA. Those of us curious enough looked at his code.

It would not surprise me if the coder got some work from this.

The next $1 coder might not be as successful. Alternately, enough folks might look at code from successful bidders and hire the good ones that it is a worthwhile approach going forward.

I am interested to see how this turns out after more iterations.

Comment Programmers can be just Techs (Score 1) 568

Programming, by itself, is a technician skill. It's possible to be what I'd call a Software Engineer (NOT necessarily congruent to what the job descriptions for that title currently say). But just like Engineers in other fields have folks who help with the grunt work without having to think of larger issues, there are plenty of folks who turn out code to assist people doing the actual Engineering side of the work. There are also plenty of times that Engineers do the technician stuff and the engineering side (and I'd argue that to stay good at the engineering side it's healthy to do the tech side of your profession regularly).

Part of what is wrong with the industry is that the people assigned to do the Engineering side of the work are often idiots or non-existant, as the role is often poorly identified and assigned. You might for example having PHBs making what should be Engineering decisions. And it falls to Programmers to fill in the holes, or the project fails. Or both. This blurs the line more than in a lot of other fields.

Comment Microsoft Support (Score 1) 374

I got sick of fighting 10 attempting to go in on my gaming box, the last straw being when it decided to fill up the SSD I use for the OS (programs and data on other drives).

I called Microsoft Support. It took them some time, but they not only got rid of about 4 gig of windows 10 junk that had been downloaded to my drive, but adjusted my registry to indicate that I was not eligible for the 10 upgrade.

I'm guessing that the registry change is the way to go for stopping 10 nagging and such.. For a few days I have been blissfully free of such things.

Comment Re:I don't get it, what is this about? (Score 2) 145

Had an international call to scotland drop a few times last week (landline my side, some sort of microsoft PBX/phone thing on the other). Rarely see this sort of problem in the US aside from stuff like cell phones in elevators or other bad coverage. Don't know where along the way the issue was, but it was frustrating.

Comment Re:Of course not (Score 1) 169

I didn't realize Martian citizenship was quite so open as Canada's.

(for those who didn't know, Canada is one of the easiest western nations to get citizenship- it's pretty common for folks who want to live somewhere dangerous to secure Canadian citizenship so they will get a free evacuation if things go to hell where they actually want to live)

Comment Rule #1 (Score 2, Informative) 269

Don't tie your email account to your ISP. Decide how you are going to get your email independently, then your ISP is just the pipe.

Two benefits:
- You can change your pipe without causing problems- your email address doesn't change
- You have a lot more options for email providers than most people have options for ISPs.

Comment Re:The root of the problem (Score 4, Insightful) 614

A very simple solution, which will of course never be passed:
Require each company to pay an extra $100k tax/year for each H1B worker on their payroll. This tax not to be offsetable by deductions or credits.

This means that except for cases where the H1B actually has a special in-demand skill that can't be found otherwise, it will not be wise to hire H1B instead of others.

Of course, it doesn't fix the problem of simply moving the jobs out of the country.

Comment Re:Walls (Score 1) 557

My parents bought a house at the top of a hill with the lower story mostly underground, and because the do-it-yourself builder didn't plan drainage properly still had water issues with heavy rain until reworking some things (which isn't easy after building). You need to be very careful with drainage.

Comment Important Question: WHICH DC? (Score 3) 597

It's not like there is one single standard DC voltage that everything runs off of. Switching between different DC voltages incurs a loss just like switching between the current AC standard and a given DC voltage incurs a loss.

If one were deploying everything from scratch, one could pick a standard. Right now, everyone is going to want to run the stuff they have, and the AC to DC converters on that stuff, even when they are exposed (i.e. wall-warts) instead of embedded in the device, are converting to a variety of different DC values.

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