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by Dishwasha (#48411907) Attached to: Do Good Programmers Need Agents?

In this same vein, I find technical people to be the worst at talking to C-level people. A good recruiter can really talk you up to the right people which has pretty significant value and can effect your bottom line. Even if you're applying for a job at a company your best friend is working at, if he/she is in IT they will probably do a lousy job advocating for you.

+ - Is non-USB flash direct from China safe?

Submitted by Dishwasha
Dishwasha (125561) writes "I recently purchased a couple 128GB MicroSDXC card from a Chinese supplier via Alibaba at 1/5th the price of what is available in the US. I will be putting one in my phone and another in my laptop. A few days after purchased, it occurred to me there may be a potential risk with non-USB flash devices similar to USB firmware issues.

Does anybody know if there are any known firmware issues with SD or other non-USB flash cards that could effectively allow a foreign seller/distributor to place malicious software on my Android phone or laptop simply on insertion of the device with autoplay turned off?"

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