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Comment: Re:Do people really take this risk seriously? (Score 1) 236 236

I don't think there would be a Hollywood blockbuster and funding of related programs if there wasn't at least some social awareness. Ethan Siegel's audience is a little more targeted.

I find it likely that one of Siegel's friends didn't get funding in favor of a more "cockamamie" program related to asteroid detection (which itself is more likely a cover for a US military radar installation).

Comment: Re:Ze drem vil finali kum tru (Score 1) 626 626

This post almost blew my mind as much as the transition from Gaelic to English at the beginning of the 13th Warrior. Your understanding of the differences between English and German is so fantastic that I think the *WHOOSH* sound went above most everybody's head on the joke you set up from the very beginning. You are much appreciated good sir/madam.

+ - NASA Goddard Open Sources Core Flight Executive (cFE)->

Dishwasha writes: NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC) has released their Core Flight Executive (cFS) application development and runtime environment.

The cFE is one of the components of the Core Flight System (CFS), a platform and project independent reusable software framework and set of reusable software applications. There are three key aspects to the CFS architecture: a dynamic run-time environment, layered software, and a component based design. The combination of these key aspects along with an implementation targeted to the embedded software domain makes it suitable for reuse on any number of NASA flight projects and/or embedded software systems.

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