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Comment: Re:Dish/Direct TV should offer free basic channels (Score 1) 219

by Dishwasha (#46636179) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Experiences With Free To Air Satellite TV?

I think you're confusing cable box hacking with DSS hacking. In the old days you needed basic cable and a friendship with a cable guy. With DSS, there's nothing stopping the signal from reaching you, so you didn't have to pay jack except for an occasional unlooping when you weren't paying attention.

+ - Experience with Free To Air

Submitted by Dishwasha
Dishwasha (125561) writes "Just a few days ago I incidentally discovered a little known secret called free-to-air. Amazingly enough even in the depths of /., there appears to have been no postings or discussions about it. Just like over-the-air programming, there is free programming available via various satellite systems that only requires a one-time cost of getting a dish and receiver. Both Amazon and Ebay appear to have a plethora of hardware out there. I personally settled on the Geosatpro MicroHD system with a 90cm 26lbs light-weight dish (queue lots of comments about my describing 26 lbs as being light-weight) and I should be receiving that in just a few days.

I'm curious, who else is using satellite FTA on /.? What are your setups? Has anyone hacked on any of the DVR/PVR devices available? Besides greater access to international programming, what are your channel experiences?"

Comment: Real-Time for real? (Score 1) 15

by Dishwasha (#46538253) Attached to: Working with Real-Time Analytics as a Service (Video)

I'm surprised BitYoga chose MongoDB for real-time analytics. Several years ago we attempted to do a real-time analytics solution with MongoDB but besides being a not so great performer when it comes to counting, it's boolean operators were still in its infancy. We ended up ripping out and replacing with another back-end solution in a couple of months and never looked back. Has MongoDB changed much to make real-time more realistic?

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