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Comment: Re:FOSS and ham radio need fully open FPGAs (Score 1) 51

by Dishwasha (#48762471) Attached to: Learn Gate-Array Programming In Python and Software-Defined Radio

Ever heard of SiGE and MPW/COT? Who needs FPGA when you can go open source ASIC and produce an initial production run for under $50k, possibly even $10k? There's been some interesting research from places like CalTech and Berkley in to fully designed MIMO's even with integrated antennas in an SOIC that are in many cases nearly a decade old now.

Comment: Re:FBI evidence is laughable (Score 2) 231

by Dishwasha (#48721163) Attached to: US Slaps Sanctions On North Korea After Sony Cyberattack

Look, if we had to spell out every bit of "evidence" we have concerning how we KNOW NK was involved, we'd have a thousand denialists like you hyper-analyzing every letter and word screaming NO EVIDENCE when we have clearly outlined that we know NK did it. Dude just trust us, we've got this.

Comment: love my surface (Score 2) 101

by Dishwasha (#48492037) Attached to: Forbes Revisits the Surface Pro 3, Which May Face LG Competition

I've had the i7 512 Surface Pro 3 for several months now and I absolutely love it. I was worried about the hinge but it's lapability has no issues IMHO. The only problem I have is it simply doesn't work if I'm lying down in bed.

It's doubtful the LG will contend. I think the biggest threat is the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro but at close to a pound heavier and inability to detach the keyboard increasing the thickness in tablet mode, I'll stick with my Surface Pro 3 thank you very much.

Comment: Re: As a senior RoR developer of 7 years (Score 1) 291

by Dishwasha (#48468251) Attached to: Is Ruby On Rails Losing Steam?

I think you misunderstand my statement. I spend the most TIME writing in js/coffee (angular.js in particular). RoR is still the backend, but it's serving more as a thin API layer to backend data services. I also probably spend less time writing Ruby code because of better engineering which can be attributed to the language's elegance.

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