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Yup. The problem here is not that the people do not have a means to control their government it is that the vast majority of them do not give a shit. We have become a nation of people that will wait till the cops arrive while being bludgeoned to death. We will vote which ever party promises us the most free stuff. We value the illusion of safety over freedom. the news anchor is our one true God.

We have exactly the government we deserve.

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by Dishevel (#46725713) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?
You can cuss all you want. You can ignore it again but inter process communication is very important to many of us. Powershell handles this badly. Powershell is much more suited to being a programming language. I do not want that as a command line replacement. It does not work well. A command line should be able to use programming languages not be one.

My dislike of powershell is not hidden but my conversation in no rose to the level of cruelty. Therefore it does not meet the definition of Vitriolic. Much closer to vitriolic condemnation of ideas has come from your name calling.

That is much like the pot calling the tupperware black.

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