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Comment: Re:Bring on the lausuits (Score 1) 599

by Dishevel (#49138535) Attached to: Republicans Back Down, FCC To Enforce Net Neutrality Rules
Like I said. I understand your POV. I think the fix though is to stop local authorities from signing deals that keep everyone else out. To stop giving tax subsidies to companies to build out more internet and watch them take the money, redifine what broadband is and use the cash and right of ways that the public paid for to bury and type of competition.

I know the actors are bad. Seriously though. Have you ever seen the government take over new powers and not expand them and abuse them? They will here too. What happens when the FCC is controlled by ultra conservative board members and they outlaw tits on the internet "For the public good"? "Think of the children". Do you really think this will not happen? Anonymity will go out the window. Be made illegal.

Again. The current situation sucks. Government will make it worse.

Comment: Re:Live by the sword... (Score 1) 186

by Dishevel (#49138453) Attached to: Jury Tells Apple To Pay $532.9 Million In Patent Suit
I understand that. But the patents they got approved even though "real", we can all admit are overly broad and crappy. The only reason they got approved is because that is how the patent office works. "Approve if possible and let the courts work it out."

Except the courts are fucking stupid when it comes to tech and it takes years and millions of dollars to get a verdict.

They are bullshit patents and we all know it.

Comment: Re:Live by the sword... (Score 1) 186

by Dishevel (#49138397) Attached to: Jury Tells Apple To Pay $532.9 Million In Patent Suit
I stated that Apple was not a patent troll. That they were just "being" one.

I understand that it is different. You just have to really read what I posted. Apple has products. Therefore they can not technically be "Just a patent troll". They still though can use the patents they have in a trollish manner.

Some of us are nothing but Apple haters. Some Apple defenders. Some can recognize that Apple has products, a right to make them and is still being a douche about their shit patents.

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