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Comment: Re:The bashing is sometimes justified... (Score 1) 93

by Dishevel (#47578337) Attached to: Countries Don't Own Their Internet Domains, ICANN Says
This is not a balance issue. No one has the right to remove knowledge from someone else.

To put it another way. Fuck your "Right to be Forgotten". This is not a right. It is demanding that other people remove information. Rights are things that should not be taken from you. Not things you demand from others.

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by Dishevel (#47574925) Attached to: Crytek USA Collapses, Sells Game IP To Other Developers
I really liked Homefront.

The multiplayer was pretty awesome and the controls felt "like buttah".

Also they had a really neat multiplayer gameplay innovation. As the number of people you killed without dying increased the game gave out more information about your location to more of the enemy team. And gave the enemy that killed you a bonus. Instead of a call of duty appraoch in which as your kills increase you become even more of a problem to get rid of,

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Real solution is for the people to stop believing that politics is a career. Have people serve us for a few terms the get rid of them. Have our government come from workers, businessmen and entrepreneurs. Let them serve for a bit then go back to their real career.

As long as we allow this behavior it will continue. Also if you are going to murder people ... Murder people who vote based on letters of TV commercials.

If you are not going to take the time to truly understand an issue keep your fucking opinion to yourself and stay the fuck out of the voting booth.

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It is stupid. You do not have to build a new city for them. There are many cities already built for them to choose from.

Sometimes you have to cut your losses and stop making stupid decisions. Also it is a free country. If they really wanted to rebuild then ok. No Federal funds for the re build and no future funds for disasters.

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Social Security is much more expensive than it needs to be. People who live in areas where tornados happen should plan for it.

Rebuilding New Orleans was stupid. A city built below a large lake and an Ocean will be destroyed again. We really need to relocate those people not help them build in the same place.

Government is stupid. Always has been, always will be.

Do you have any idea how bad of a retirement plan Social Security is?

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First. Government waste is well known. Helping people via committee of bureaucrats is never good.

Second. The reason government does military is simply because we can not put that in the hands of private corps. I am sure until they use it to take over though we would have better equipment and better training for less money though.

Third. We can play the trace back game all you want. The truth is that prior to private enterprise the internet and the web sucked. I mean really sucked. Government has a role. Military, Infrastructure, Law Enforcement, Minimal regulation of shared things, and R&D on things that have no known commercial applications, or things where commercial application is too far off or to big of a capital investment yet is good for the public. Space travel, Internet, New Energies, Pure Science.

The government needs to step back from things it started. Moon landing not possible without government starting. Asteroid mining, orbital factories and colonization not possible without companies looking for a profit.

I remember Gopher. I remember when there were no real "Search Engines" just lists of places in categories of the internet. Google is what happens when people do things. Not governments.

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