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by Dishevel (#48221579) Attached to: Tech Firm Fined For Paying Imported Workers $1.21 Per Hour
Actually there were many founding fathers who thought slavery was a bad thing. It was at the time a difficult thing to fight. Slavery had been being done everywhere in the world since the dawn of man. The Jews were slaves to the Egyptians. The Romans built an empire from the efforts of millions of slaves. Even the tribes in Africa enslaved members of other tribes.

But I am sure that when you speak of slavery you only think of the harm done to blacks in the US. Other kinds of slavery were different, Right? Try to remember for a second that those founding fathers created something that was much better than anything that came before it.

They were well off. They had money and power. They risked it all. No one knew if the revolution could be won. The British were all powerful at the time. They risked their wealth, their power, their lives and the lives or their families by becoming Traitors. Had the revolution failed they would have been hung as traitors. Their families would have been lucky to get off with only having all of their lands and possessions taken.

They were brave and they risked much more than you or I can imagine doing. You go ahead though and sit there with your awesome knowledge of all things and point out what pieces of crap they are and how you would have done it soo much better.

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by Dishevel (#48186689) Attached to: The Guardian Reveals That Whisper App Tracks "Anonymous" Users
Last time I but my head against this wall.

You do not want to restrict what the companies can collect as long as the do it honestly. Restricting what companies can collect honestly only serves to reduce what the can offer and increase the costs of offering it.

Restrictions should be enforced upon what the government can compel or even ask of private companies. restriction of government power in this area protects people and their freedoms. Being protected from your own choices has not the same level of importance as protection of our freedoms.

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So you have never used a computer other than a Mac. Right?

Because every PC I have ever owned supports dual booting. Dual Boot support does not lie in the hardware but in the bootloader. I have multiple machines right now that will boot in to 2 or 3 and one even has 4 operating systems installed.

Long and Short is this. You have so little knowledge of computers that your opinion is useless.

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