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Comment: Re:Ross Perot is awesome! (Score 1) 120

by Dishevel (#48468159) Attached to: How the World's First Computer Was Rescued From the Scrap Heap
Administrations did hide the fact that POWs were still in Asia.

Getting them out would be hard at best and not guaranteed. Therefor, the best move in their opinion was to just get it out of site so it would be out of mind.

Same things have happened many times since on both side of the aisle. Inconvenient things are tossed aside to be forgotten. If they are not forgotten quickly enough then they are hidden.

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by Dishevel (#48452977) Attached to: Google Launches Service To Replace Web Ads With Subscriptions

I don't trust google to manage this. they ONLY do evil, these days, disguised as good.

if google is part of it, I want no part of it. sorry. but I already block anything that has a G domain in it. this would require me to unblock them and that is just 100% unacceptable to me.

we need a truly good company to help make this happen. google is not the way forward. google is PART OF THE PROBLEM!

So. You do not know how to capitalize proper nouns. You failed to capitalize the beginning of a sentence, but you do like to use capitalization to yell at people.

At least I know better than to listen to your argument, which has zero facts in it.

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Actually. Most conservatives understood intuitively that you could not add tons of poor to insurance roles and cover all pre existing conditions without raising prices heavily on the healthy.

We never did understand how people thought this would work. Gruber may be an asshat. But for the most part he is correct. A large part of the electorate is stupid. It is how a congressman can have an approval rating in the teens and get re elected. They will not get smarter until the money runs out for their free stuff. Then they will get angry, hungry and violent.

Of course some of us have food storage, emergency supplies and guns.

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by Dishevel (#48402755) Attached to: President Obama Backs Regulation of Broadband As a Utility
Social Security will die very soon. Ponzi schemes always fail.

As far as the Solyndra thing goes, it is like this. The federal government has no place picking winners and losers. Every time they give money to a company that could not get it through private means they hurt that companies competitors.

Clean air act started out great. So did the EPA. When I was a kid in LA we had "Smog Days" where we could not go out an play because pollution was so bad. It got fixed. My kids have not had one single smog day. But they do not give up. Now the air you breath out is a pollutant.

Medicare is great for the people on it. It really hurts the medical professionals. The costs are passed on to other patients.

DARPA and the like. This is good stuff. Government should spend on pie in the sky stuff like DARPA does. Places where no sane private company can see a profit in. Sometimes great things can come of it. NASA going to the moon is another thing that government should do because they are the only ones that really can.

Government has a place. The problem is that when you use a government agency to "fix" a problem that problem can never be fixed or the jobs go away. Therefore they always expand their reach. They do not ever go away.

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