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by Dishevel (#46725713) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How To Start With Linux In the Workplace?
You can cuss all you want. You can ignore it again but inter process communication is very important to many of us. Powershell handles this badly. Powershell is much more suited to being a programming language. I do not want that as a command line replacement. It does not work well. A command line should be able to use programming languages not be one.

My dislike of powershell is not hidden but my conversation in no rose to the level of cruelty. Therefore it does not meet the definition of Vitriolic. Much closer to vitriolic condemnation of ideas has come from your name calling.

That is much like the pot calling the tupperware black.

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What is wrong with pipes working to give you power? What is wrong with massive third party app support for command line. I don't get you. I have Windows servers where they work well, Linux servers where they are best and a couple of SCO Unix servers that I can not get rid of. I use Windows servers and am able to get work done on them. Powershell though is unused. Tried it, played with it, worked with it. Hate it.

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IPC sucks in Powershell and you are thinking like a programmer. When you do work on servers you do not need or want a "Proper programming language" you want something that ties your entire system together and allows you to quickly make use of it all. Not just IPC. Linux command line runs cirlces around powershell in IPC (Which to those of us who do work on servers know is very important) the difficulty in starting up stuff in the background and tailing stuff you start up. grep, awk and sed. Then lets ad in the fact that most 3rd party tool in Linux expect to be able to be called in the command line. I have to tell you the ability to pop up a command line and tell GIMP to grab every .png in a specific directory rotate it 90 degrees and resize it to 900x900 then rename the file by appending it with "_900x900" and sticking them all into a new directory, then edit the permissions of the directory itself to allow others to see it, hit enter and move on to something else is pretty fucking useful. And it is soo much more powerful than that. It is not just for administration. Although the linux (everything is a file) system makes this much easier.