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by Dishevel (#47776755) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
So exactly what would us giving troops to the UN to go against the Russian invasion do. The security council must vote. Russia is a permanent member of that council with Veto power.

So. Even if we are willing to go that route ... It is a pointless way to go.

Add to that that the UN is just everything that is wrong with government multiplied by 10 and with no ability to make any real decisions. Hell the UN gave advanced computers to a country that the UN had decided should not have them. The UN can not even make a decision that the UN can follow, much less its member countries.

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by Dishevel (#47776133) Attached to: Russian Military Forces Have Now Invaded Ukraine
No one wants to have a fight with the bully. That would be bad.

The problem is that previously we told the bully that he could do whatever he wants and we will do nothing. So the bully is doing what bullies do.

People say they do not want the US to be the "Cop of the World". That we do not need to be the "Big boy on the block". I do not think on the surface this is a horrible idea in theroy.

The problem is when you leave a vacuum in the power structure that is the world geo-political scene it gets filled. We do not just become a world without a powerful leader. Putin has stepped into that power vacuum and what ever you think of US foreign policy ... This is going to be bad.

Really bad.

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You might want to look to the rest of my posts on this subject. If there was real death threats made I already stated that the perp should be prosecuted.

Also ...

I would rather have people spend less time finding ways to be professionally offended.

In no way states that I think we must stand and prevent her from doing what I think is wrong. I only stated that I would rather she not do it.

It was a single line clearly written. So either you never read my post and just attacked "because", or ...

You could find no way to attack what I said but really needed to attack anyway and just attacked me for for stuff I was very clear that I did not say.

This is not a very efficient way to get to the truth of a thing. I am leaning toward the assumption that getting to the truth of the subject here holds no real interest for you.

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I have not taken her ability to do what she is doing away. I do not condone threats of violence against her.

I do not think that she is doing anything of value though. I think if she is worried about the women in her community they would be better served in other ways. Ways in which she lifts up real women instead of worrying about video game vixens,

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What I am saying is that the world is controlled right now by politically correct, professionally offended people. Everything everywhere is a stereotype.

Most decent people that are not praying on the simple for the existence of their jobs move on about their lives. You just do not see a bunch of men with real jobs and families to raise waste their time bitching about the horrors of ADT commercials.

90% of the time you see a person standing up yelling about inequality you can bet that the person doing the yelling is profiting off dividing people and pitching them against each other. Governments entire job right now is putting people into groups and getting them to hate each other while the whole time the politicians use it to gather more power for themselves.

What people should do is join their communities, use their communities instead of laws to fix the issues in their communities and be as responsible as they can be for their families, their friends and their neighbors. When 60 or 70% of us are doing this in an ongoing basis most of our other problems go away.

Though it is easier by far to stick a letter or a label on everyone you meet and judge them by that and then instead of getting involved to fix problem you see you can just look to your matching letters and tell them to pass a law to fix it. When it is not fixed you can then look to the letter that is not on you nad blame it on all the people with that damned letter.

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