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Is it though feasible to set up the the system so those controllers can go home, login to a VPN and have a nation wide system that they can load their area into and continue work?

Reroute the data to a cloud service have the PCs remote into virtual workstations and have the radio fed through the same system. Small amount of latency, but should not be an issue. Hell. Build out the whole system on the same frame work and distribute the hell out of the workloads.

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by Dishevel (#47984929) Attached to: Emma Watson Leaked Photo Threat Was a Plot To Attack 4chan
Might have something to do with the fact that until the government stepped in and raised all our insurance costs that women were more expensive for a company to insure than men. Women take more sick/personal days on average than men. Women are more likely than men to take maternity leave.

Over the course of a few years women are more expensive than men per unit of work. So companies react accordingly.

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by Dishevel (#47945093) Attached to: Apple Edits iPhone 6's Protruding Camera Out of Official Photos
So the fact that you can Opt out of the personalization of ads based on your private usage data. Apple states that by opting out your ads will be less relevant.

You may see the same number of ads as before; however, they may be less relevant because they won't be based on your interests.

Also I never stated that you are not the product of Google. I did state that they do not treat you that way. Google treats me much better than Apple does. The fact that you need to yell about and cuss does not make your point suddenly more valid.

You can visit the Apple site above. Then you can Opt out of their personalized ads and tracking.

Then. You can state again how they do not personalize your ad content based on personal information.

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No. The original comment was that Apple sees you as a customer and not as a product. This is untrue. If you look at it even though Google makes most of its money off of you as a "Product" they treat you like a really great customer. You get all kinds of "Comped" and "Free" services. The stuff you do buy )Android, Google Apps for Business) are fairly open and allow you to take all your info with you if you leave and Google even shows you all the stuff they have on you and allows you to selectively delete the information or keep it as you see fit. Apple does everything it can to lock you in and lock you down. If anything Apple seems to see you as a slave that is lucky to be allowed to use their products at all. The info that they do collect on you and sell to third parties most people do not even know about. If you do know about it you are not allowed to see what they have on you and sell much less remove what you want from it. The only thing you can do is opt out if you were smart enough to read through their 90 page agreement (EULA / Disclaimer / Fuck you and the horse you rode in on ) is to opt completely out,

Apple will never let you see what personal info about you they are selling. Google will not sell the info. They use it themselves to target the ads for companies. I know Google uses information to target ads to me. It is not hidden. Most people know this. We know it and can see it and can delete what we do not like. Apple people do not know and most will run around and tell me that Google is evil and selling all my info. (Google uses my info to target ads, Apple sells my info so others can do whatever.)

Until you can see that Apple is as bad or worse than Google when it comes to the stewardship of your personal information then you have no business talking about it.

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