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Comment: Re:Uh, nice try (Score 1) 670

by Disfnord (#42225097) Attached to: Stay Home When You're Sick!

Do McDonalds workers even get paid vacation? I worked various line cook jobs for years, not one gave sick or vacation time (this is full-time, by the way). If you got sick, not only do you get no pay for staying home, but you also have to get someone to fill in for you. That means calling up your coworkers at home and trying to convince them to come in on their day off. If no one bites, you don't stay home. Officially they don't want you to work if you are sick, but the reality is you do it if you want to keep your job, and everyone knows it.

I think what most slashdotters don't realize is that most non-salary, service industry jobs have no benefits at all, full or part time. That's no 401K, no insurance, no vacation, no sick leave, no holidays. Nothing. That's the reality of a huge number of jobs in the US.

Comment: Re:Yes (Score 1) 419

by Disfnord (#41568133) Attached to: The Coming Internet Video Crash

You can set up a pirate radio station for a few hundred dollars because those pesky government regulations reduce your competition by enforcing harsh penalties for running a pirate radio station. Without said regulations, the number of low-watt broadcasters might easily be so numerous as to make your own virtually invisible in the sea of noise.

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