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Comment: Re:I recommend... (Score 1) 578

by Dirty Fool (#31237040) Attached to: Fingerprint Requirement For a Work-Study Job?
Let's be real, if they are going to be hiring you, they will have your SSN, full name and address etc. All of this data is much more useful to wrongdoers and surely stored is a less secure way. In addition, for most purposes other than a full backround check, your SSN, address and full name are all you need to dig up all sorts of information. I have used a fingerprint scanner for a college job once, and it was nothing fancy, just matched some fingerprints to what we trained it on. Furhtermore, if someone were able to lift a digital copy of your fingerprint from the device, whta could they do with it? Most places that use fingerprint encoding for access will require you to scan on the spot with a real finger. I would think they would notice if someone was trying to use a print-out or someone else's finger. Save your breath for bigger issues.

Comment: Re:EVERY biofuel is stupid! (Score 2, Insightful) 238

by Dirty Fool (#30854336) Attached to: Researchers Pooh-Pooh Algae-Based Biofuel
Algae is grown in margianl places too, such as in waste water treament plants/pools./ Also, places like the desert are ideal for algae production because of the generous amounts of sunlight and heat. Water is not a big issue because algae is best grown in closed tanks and the water can be reused.

Comment: Give the green monster a chance! (Score 3, Insightful) 238

by Dirty Fool (#30851708) Attached to: Researchers Pooh-Pooh Algae-Based Biofuel
Algae has great potential and should not be ignored; the process just needs to be refined. It has much greater yield than other biofuels crops, and can be more easily turned into fuel oil of various types than other sources. Ethanol should be avoided; because it is plain inefficient no matter how well you develop the process. Ethanol when burned produces 30% energy by weight than petroleum, and requires at least as much petroleum to produce as it displaces. Furthermore, it cannot be transported like petroleum-based fuels due to it propensity to mix with water. That means even more petroleum transporting this crap around in tanker trucks. Algae on waste water ponds and treatment systems not only produce fuel, but naturally help clean the water. Growth tanks can also be setup at industrial sites with CO2 emissions being piped into the tanks. There is a lot to do with these wondrous little plants; we just need to give them a chance. ..and John Hasler, look up the Haber Bosch Process. It’s called nitrogen fixing that requires lots of fossil fuels.

Comment: Hammer and Shake (Score 1) 497

by Dirty Fool (#29092571) Attached to: The Homemade Hard Disk Destroyer
Seriously, all it takes is a hammer and 5 minutes. Just put on some saftey glasses, take it out back, and go apeshit on it. Imagine it's someone you hate (you could even print a photo and tape it on) and go to town with the hammer. After some soild swings, give it a shake to make sure you can hear broken platters. Then hit it some more. I am sure some of the nerds out there could use a soild 5 minutes of pyhsical activity.

China Ditches Compulsory Green Dam Plans 76

Posted by CmdrTaco
from the well-that's-something-then dept.
scrubl writes "China has ditched plans to force foreign and domestic computer manufacturers to install internet filtering technology in computers sold inside its borders. The Chinese government paid $5.85m to develop the software called Green Dam and claimed it was being installed to stop access to porn on computers and protect children. China's industry and information technology minister Li Yizhong said that manufacturers, Internet users, and organisations opposed to the plans had received the wrong message from his department and that installation was never planned to be compulsory."

+ - Night Vision for $60, ninjas of the world cower.

Submitted by Dirty Fool
Dirty Fool (1611901) writes "Ars Technica recently reviewed a set of $60 night-vision goggles that apparently are user-friendly, binocular, and lots of fun: "Ars Technica takes a look at the next-generation of night-vision, in a toy. JAKKS Pacific has taken a second pass at its night vision design, making it easier to use and adding a larger screen that now takes advantage of both eyes. It's time to go ninja hunting." I know I would like to hunt ninjas in the dark..."

Comment: Rogue Spear + Rubber Batons (Score 1) 346

by Dirty Fool (#28997367) Attached to: Finding New and Unintended Ways of Playing Games
Back in the day I used to play Rogue Spear against my buddies for hours using only shotguns loaded with rubber batons. It would take as many as 20 shots sometimes to take someone down. The total lack of melee weapons ensured there was a lot of limping around next to each other frantically reloading. Add a few J's and we could stay entertained all night.

Comment: Some are ok... (Score 1) 539

by Dirty Fool (#28976465) Attached to: Apple Working On Tech To Detect Purchasers' "Abuse"
I can see why Apple would want things like submersion/heat/shock sensors to be included to counter warranty fraud, but going as far as continuity sensors to detect jailbraking and whatnot is wrong. The phone is yours when you purchase it and you should eb ablet o do what you want with it. The sensors are only a small part of the overarching issue of Apple trying to exert too much control over their products. With any luck Steve Jobs will die soon and someone will have the balls to take the company in a new, not control-freaked, direction.

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