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Comment: Re:"Liberty-Minded"? (Score 3, Informative) 701

by Dionysus (#43962459) Attached to: The Free State Project, One Decade Later

First. Killing people and burning shit down is illegal. Do not need different laws to prevent it.

Nice thing about jury nullifiication is that you can change that. Sure, the law might say that blowing up a church with black girls in it might be illegal, but "thankfully" no jury will convict you for it. That is, if they can get anyone to prosecute you, that is.

Comment: Re:Confused. (Score 1) 270

by Dionysus (#42769697) Attached to: Oracle Responds To Java Security Critics With Massive 50 Flaw Patch Update

I'm sure there are enough that I feel fairly confident in my advice to just not install Java unless you really, really need it. Which, unless you're a developer or a Minecraft addict, you really don't.

Depends on where you're from. All the banks in Norway (and I think the Nordic countries, don't know about the rest of Europe) have a common login functionality that is java applet based. Meaning if you want to do online banking (or financial transactions, since I think brokerage firms also use it for login) in Norway, you need java installed.

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by Dionysus (#40935765) Attached to: Secret Security Questions Are a Joke

"Who is your favorite author,"

Questions like that (or favorite book) might sound easy, but is actually hard because of the "there should only be one correct answer". There were a site where the security question was that, and I forgot what I had answered because my favorite author and book had changed in the meantime (and I don't remember who I had at the time when I signed up for the site).

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by Dionysus (#39432455) Attached to: Former Nokia Exec: Windows Phone Strategy Doomed

Oh, please. Read the comments for those articles. Read how iPod is a useless mp3 player because it doesn't have wireless, and nobody would buy one (except for the iSheeps) when they could get a nomad. How the iPhone is a useless phone because it doesn't have physical keys, and nobody would buy one (except for the iSheeps) when they could get a Blackberry. How iPad are a useless device because you can't do all the stuff you can do on a laptop, and nobody would buy one (except for the iSheeps) when they could get an Asus EEE.

The point is, when it comes to prediction of successful products, Slashdot group think usually knows Jack Shit.

Some quotes for ya:
About iPods

Raise your hand if you have iTunes ...
Raise your hand if you have a FireWire port ...
Raise your hand if you have both ...
Raise your hand if you have $400 to spend on a cute Apple device ...
There is Apple's market. Pretty slim, eh? I don't see many sales in the future of iPod.

About iPhones

My guess is that early adopters will get it and use it, but for the general masses, this won't be something they get for another 6 years, unlike the iPod.

About iPads

It's more than just an iPod touch that won't fit in your's also an underpowered netbook with no keyboard. It's the worst of both worlds!

Note how all these comments got either +4 or +5 insightful?

The superior man understands what is right; the inferior man understands what will sell. -- Confucius