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Comment: Re:not the first time (Score 1) 117

by Dins (#49167297) Attached to: Photo First: Light Captured As Both Particle and Wave
Maybe it's me, but I thought light behaving as both a particle and a wave was a quantum state. And that quantum state exists until the system is observed and then it collapses into one of two possibilities. Looking that the picture in the link, and...I guess that's not what I was expecting. What am I missing here, physicists? Is the light particle/wave thing not a quantum thing? If it is, that picture doesn't seem like it describes both at once. It almost seems too...cartoony.

Comment: Re:Sweet F A (Score 1) 576

by Dins (#49087463) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: How Could We Actually Detect an Alien Invasion From Outer Space?

Keyboard mashing can produce word patterns. If someone is mashing a keyboard and accidentally mashes "t" and "h", there is no magical force in the universe which quickly checks an English dictionary and stops the masher from mashing any button which would create a word ("the", for example). That's the thing about infinity - it makes the massively unlikely infinitely more likely. As long as something is not impossible, if attempted an infinite number of times, it is possible that it will happen.

If the universe is truly infinte, not only if something's possible will it happen, but it will happen an infinte number of times. Infinity gets...weird...when you start thinking about it.

Comment: Re:so... (Score 2) 271

by Dins (#49049199) Attached to: Peak Google: The Company's Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End

Duck Duck Go is just Bing, dude. So is Yahoo.

Yeah, sure, they slip some other results in there, but there is a pretty bright line between having the capacity to index the web and not, and neither duckduckgo nor yahoo has that capacity. Only bing, baidu, yandex, google.

but by all means go on being a brand-monkey.

I'll go with the brand that does not track me, thanks.

Comment: Re:so... (Score 4, Interesting) 271

by Dins (#49046557) Attached to: Peak Google: The Company's Time At the Top May Be Nearing Its End
I've become increasingly impressed with Duck Duck Go. At first I rarely used them because they didn't have predictive results, image search, etc. But now they do have all that stuff and I used them as my default. The only things I still need to jump back to Google for is the latest news and most recent articles. If something's happening on the web RIGHT NOW, Google is still the better search engine for it. But for most of the searching I do, stuff happening RIGHT NOW isn't that important. However if your job depends on top efficiency internet searches, I'm sure Google is still king.

Comment: Re:Company does exactly what it says it does... (Score 1, Interesting) 619

by Dins (#48969113) Attached to: Google, Amazon, Microsoft Reportedly Paid AdBlock Plus To Unblock
In the past the end user can still opt to not see any ads, even if they comply with the "acceptable ads" policy. This would be news if they are making a change so that the end user is forced to see a given ad that the advertiser pays extra for, regardless of their extension settings.

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