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Comment: Re:Idiotic (Score 4, Insightful) 200

by Dins (#47390581) Attached to: The View From Inside A Fireworks Show
How is this idiotic? Unless you're talking about the potential idiocy of wasting all that money on a drone and a Gopro camera potentially blown up by fireworks. This was filmed over water. Nobody was in danger except the drone owner's bank account. (And maybe the one in a million chance of the drone falling on the odd boater...)

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by Dins (#47387499) Attached to: On 4th of July:

I used to live in Midland, Michigan, and I was using the weather site I used to use there for times, specifically this one. (left column near the bottom under "Astronomy".

Granted today is 1 day later, but today it's listing sunset at 21:21 EDT (eastern daylight time), nautical twilight at 22:42, and astronomical twilight at 23:39. Ok, now I've beaten the horse to death... :)

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by Dins (#47379027) Attached to: On 4th of July:
No, it just wasn't dark yet. Yeah, light pollution sucks, but you could tell it wasn't truly dark by the fact that it was noticeably darker after the fireworks were over than when they began. Just looked it up and "nautical twilight" began around 10:40, and "astronomical twilight" at 11:40 pm. But nobody wants to wait that long, so they settled for "kinda dark".

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by Dins (#47352969) Attached to: Google, Detroit Split On Autonomous Cars

I'm not sure it's even true anymore (my wife has less-than-10-year-old American car, and it's ok, though still not as good as a cheap Japanese car), but the prejudice is now well-ingrained.

It apparently is still true. My brother runs an auto repair shop and he says he barely sees Hondas or Toyotas at all compared to American cars - they just don't break down - and he works in a decent sized city, so it's not just that there are no foreign cars there. And of the American cars he does work on, he says he sees more Chrysler products than any others.

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by Dins (#47315311) Attached to: The Rise and Fall of the Cheat Code

While we might be able to remember the 90s and say no, we aren't the bulk of their market share. 5,000 thirty+-somethings mumbling "get off my lawn" is negligible in comparison to 5,000,000 elementary/high-school students more than willing to shell out Christmas money for some digital "thing" they'll forget about next week. Yes it's silly, yes it's actually morally questionable (the same way converting real money for WoW gold coins is), but there's not numbers enough of people who actually notice and care to stop it.

Sadly, this is spot on. It sucks, but us old gamers aren't anywhere near enough to change things on our own. The only way we have could any leverage is if enough of us get our kids on our side. I've gotten my 16 year old son thoroughly indoctrinated in what I think is good and bad about the gaming industry today. He's my little disciple. :)

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