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Comment Re:Its not the actual bomb, its the threat (Score 1) 202

Wish I had mod points.

If NK attacked the US with nuclear weapons, there is nothing that would stop us from responding in kind. If whomever was President at the time didn't have the balls to counter attack, they'd likely be impeached until someone who would was in office.

You can argue whether or not we SHOULD respond by obliterating NK, but if the continental US was nuked the US would be out for blood and nobody else in the world could stop us.

Comment Re:Amateurs (Score 1) 128

And if that person has a folder of child porn? Hope you've got a secondary career to fall back on.

Why? Wouldn't you be safe if you reported it to the authorities and your company? It's an honest question, as I would have thought that would have covered you, legally at least. I guess unless your company got weird about it, and you were shortly thereafter downsized.

Comment Re:Managers are dumbasses (Score 4, Insightful) 128

Yeah, I've never grasped the stupidity of some people. There's no excuse for this, especially in IT. I mean, do you NOT have an internet connected PC or other device at home? Maybe back in the 90s some didn't, but for the past 15 years there's absolutely no excuse. And if you really feel the need to surreptitiously rub one out at work, there's always your personal phone.

Sure, I occasionally use my corporate laptop to send the odd personal e-mail but that's allowed in our IT policy, and every time I do it I quietly ask myself would it be devastating to my career or personal life if the contents of that e-mail were made public. If the answer is yes, I don't send it. This isn't rocket surgery.

Comment Re:What do you propose that they do? (Score 1) 621

True, but then there's the hard core "stop being so annoying" group like me that when it's time to buy something will remember that product AND their annoying ads and deliberately make another choice on general principles. If something actively annoys me enough I hold a huge grudge. But yeah, I know I'm probably in the minority.

Comment Re:Wow that did not last very long! (Score 2) 91

To expand my "Shhhh" comment, I don't think Usenet has yet risen to the level of "low hanging fruit", but let's not give them any ideas...

However downloading via Usenet is more complicated than via torrent, and Joe Average User would have no clue how to go about it. That said, I know some major Usenet providers have been DMCA'd and abide by them.

Comment Main purpose... (Score 4, Interesting) 133

From TFA:

According to Infowars, which was alerted to the zine's existence by AnonSec, the hackers' main purpose in hacking Nasa was to highlight the fact that the US government is using climate engineering methods such as cloud seeding and geo-engineering to manipulate the climate and cause more rain to fall in order to combat the effects of carbon emissions.

Well...? Are they?

Comment Re:Elementary school (Score 1) 320

10th grade health class. We weren't watching the launch, but the principal came on the PA to announce the accident. Everyone just sort of sat in stunned silence for a while. I went home for lunch to see what I could see on TV, but couldn't find it in the few minutes home I had. Big difference from today when somebody would whip out their phone and stream it to the class projector.

Comment Re:Nerver try to predict the future (Score 1) 250

Let's not be ignorant in understanding how the rules have fucking changed.

That's just it, though. Things have changed. Things can change again. Not saying it'll be an easy change, and who the hell knows what the end result will look like. But proclaiming the current "top 5" tech companies to be secure in their leadership IS nearsighted.

10 years ago the big 3 US car companies were GM, Ford, and Chrysler. Now Tesla, Google, or Apple appear ready to eat their lunch.

Comment Re:Nerver try to predict the future (Score 4, Insightful) 250

Yep. TFS even says, "But for much of the last half-decade, most of these five giants have enjoyed a remarkable reprieve from the boogeymen in the garage." Half decade. 5 years. So the entire point is that because something has stayed somewhat stable for 5 years that's probably going to continue into the foreseeable future. In the tech industry, no less...

TFA is horribly near sighted.

Comment Re:Minecraft is Sexist (Score 2) 57

But like many video games, Minecraft is inherently sexist and patriarchal, as all Minecraft player characters are by default male.

I know this is just a troll/SJW joke, but this isn't true. Hadn't played in a while and so therefore hadn't migrated my account to the new format. When I did, and then logged in to play with my son I was a girl. Yes, a white girl, but a girl nonetheless. Previously I had used the default male model (Steve) with no custom skin. The female default model is apparently named Alex.

Now my character model is Deadpool, but that's another story.

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