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Comment Re:Also on Windows 7 - Anyone else having issues? (Score 1) 203

Yes - I experienced a very similar issue. I chose to upgrade my laptop (which I don't use much) first as a sort of test bed to see how I was going to like it before unleashing it on my desktop/gaming machine. The install hung, then said it needed to revert to Win7 which it did. So I tried again, and it sort of hung in the same spot. Then it kept rebooting and hanging at various percentages of completion. Then it got to 40% (in the big percent cirlce) and hung there. I went to bed, got up in the morning and it was still there. So I put the laptop to sleep, woke it up and it continued on its merry way.

After that it DID complete the Win 10 install, but it seems...buggy. Every time I go in to certain settings, the settings window hangs completely. I forget which setting, but my install does sort of seem broken. Makes me want to do a clean install when upgrading my desktop from Win 7, but Microsoft doesn't make that easy (have to upgrade Win7 completely, then create install media, then re-install from scratch). I had high hopes based on what people told me and what I read about Win 10. But now... I don't really have a big warm fuzzy feeling about it all...

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 129

In fact, if your real time numbers in recount go low, people will start demanding you pick up your share in vent, and then boot you from the raid... or just boot you from the raid before the boss goes down just for grins.

Sounds like you've played with a bunch of assholes.

You're either a hardcore raider/PVPer or you're not. If you are, that issue isn't a problem for you as you already will be "carrying your weight". If you aren't there are many smaller and more laid back guilds that would be happy to have you and don't care if you're 5% less efficient than the guy next to you.

Comment Re:Good luck (Score 1) 129

I understand your feelings, and if that happened to me I likely would have done the same. But there are MANY different MMOs out there, most of which don't allow the ganking of noobs. Most offer a strictly PVE (player vs. environment) option, where no "player killing" like that is even possible anywhere in the game. I know you've probably written off the whole genre based on what you said, but if not, try a different one but make sure it's on a PVE server.

From personal experience I can recommend: Everquest 2, World of Warcraft (yes), Lord of the Rings Online or Elder Scrolls Online. Rift is a good free-to-play MMO that's similat to WoW. You'd have nothing invested financially.

Comment Re:Concorde 2.0 (Score 1) 238

if it can outstrip military planes assigned to "escort it to a landing", then it will be seen as an even greater hijack threat in the US...

Some, but not all. The F-15 has a max speed somewhere around mach 2.5. But most of the fighters that would do common air intercept over US soil are F-16s as far as I know.

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