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Submission + - How I Spent My Adult Career During Thanksgiving

DinoGeek writes: I returned to my desk the other day at my new job. Luckily, this is a perm position, and I can stay at least a year there I guess. A young guy from the fourth floor came down and was talking to our server systems administrator, or whatever his title is. Fourth-floor-guy asked the young systems guy what all the ones and zeros meant, and why binary "math" is used in the box of rocks which is called a computer these days. The SSA could not answer his question, and saw me out in my cube and told fourth-floor-guy to ask me. Well, I was never a good teacher, and yes, I tried to explain how those ones and zeros had noting to do with mathematics in the computer world, but were simply electrical switch buttons, dealing more with physics and electricity. Then, I did have to go into some "math" to explain about combinations and exponential theory, as discovered by Bill Gates in the sixteenth century. I guess I am an old-school geek being forced out by the more intellectual lengends of own minds. At least I learned what electricity was! Amazing. The easier they hook, the dumber they look: that's why they call it easy money. I'm going back to truck driving school.

Comment Re:Anyone? (Score 1) 7

I think this young journalism tramp has overstepped her bounds in jourmalism. The thought of taking advantage of someone looking for a date and then they find out they are being used for some type of magazine essay esperiment is a testiment to her lack of character and lack of humanity. Besides, someone her age should not be writing for a major publication like this. She is still in diapers. What a naive little vixen. I believe in karma. She will get what is coming to her.

I think Martin Peretz at The New Republic should stop hiring pre-pubescent workers for low pay. Maybe I will call him and discuss this personally.

p.s. in arlington.

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