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Comment: Re:More laws are the key ... to EVERYTHING (Score 0, Offtopic) 154

by Dining Philanderer (#18847415) Attached to: Personal Data Exposed! Can Legislation Fix It?
How about relaxing the privacy laws on these complete nutbags so we know who they are?
How about if all else fails and we catch you after you decapitate your wife lets make sure your fucking ass gets what's coming to you?
Or how about if you don't have the balls to put them in the meat grinder (dumb pacifists) make sure they never ever get out of prison?
How about some liberals are exercising their forgiveness in Dayton, Ohio.

Great... r333/news/1997/01/17/Column/Pleading.Insane.Does.N ot.Excuse.Murderer-40837.shtml/

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