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Comment: Re:I wonder why... (Score 4, Insightful) 184

by _merlin (#49135313) Attached to: Uber Offers Free Rides To Koreans, Hopes They Won't Report Illegal Drivers

Cities don't license plumbers, painter, interior decorators, electricians, doctors, lawyers, nannies, or nurses. Even though these people need much more training.

In Australia, plumbers, electricians, doctors, nannies and nurses all need to be licensed. You're talking out your arse or you live in the wild west.

Comment: i would tell her... (Score 1) 679

Believe in yourself, don't let anyone else belittle you or your ideas. Do listen to criticism but only enough to ask yourself if they actually have a point.

Don't worry about following convention or always doing what your friends say. Many "conventions", "obviously right ways", laws, religious teachings and "Friendly Advice" are actually just mechansims used by people to get you to behave in ways that benefits them only.

Don't always play safe. People that always choose the low-risk option have a safe but very grey life.

Don't spend time worrying/griping about problems, spend it finding/implementing solutions.

Enjoy every sunny day.

Be good.

Be considerate.

Comment: Forget you're a geek- it doesn't matter. At all. (Score 1) 679

Tell her you love her. Tell her that there is a hope for her to see you again. Tell her that no matter what, nothing was her fault. Kids blame themselves for bad things because they don't understand how things work- so the only explanation in their mind is that it is *their* fault.

Whether you are religious or not, talking about death with her NOW is important. This can help:

If you don't go to that link, then adapt these practical points from it:

If a loved one has died, you can help your child overcome inordinate fears about death by making sure he understands the following:

She is not going to die. (this is geared toward very young ones who may fear death is contagious)
If something happens to you, she will not be abandoned; relatives will look after her.
Once dead, a person is no longer suffering.
The deceased person will not be forgotten. You might say, “You cannot see Grandma anymore, but you can keep memories of her in your heart.”
Remember, saying nothing to your child will not reduce his anxiety. On the contrary, it may only serve to give his imagination free rein.

Please put geekdom aside. She will always remember how awesome of a geek you were, but she'll especially appreciate that you were an amazing father *first* and that you loved her.

Comment: Re:He can make the policy (Score 1) 399

by JustNiz (#49121307) Attached to: NSA Director Wants Legal Right To Snoop On Encrypted Data

>> The rest of the world don't want products with official US backdoors though. So you'll have a very hard time selling anything US made abroad

I don't agree with that.
Look at how many non-US people still run Windows, even though Microsoft build-in backdoors and provide snooping/data reovery tools such as cigarete to pretty much any official body who asks for them (NSA, FBI and even police forces).

Comment: Re:You are free to have killer robots (Score 1) 318

You act as if the Geneva conventions are a black and white issue, but the people fighting our troops are not soldiers of any UN recognized state-- or recognized by any individual state, for that matter. Also, the rules apply to any signatory nation, even when in conflict with a non-signatory, but only if the latter agrees to accept and apply the conventions. I'd say hacking off the heads of nearly every civilian and POW that comes into their hands as an implicit non-acceptance, and definite non-application. Thus, it's difficult to apply all the rules. I also need to point out if they indeed are soldiers, then the act of putting them in Gitmo itself is, as a POW camp, perfectly legal. Alleged torture is, of course, not.

Comment: Re:Here's what happened (Score 1) 150

by _merlin (#49115093) Attached to: Is Sega the Next Atari?

And you know why there was no good third-party content? Because the console was hard to squeeze maximum performance out of, but Sega didn't give anyone development libraries for it - just gave you a book of specs and left you to work it out. They went in the complete opposite direction with the Dreamcast - they gave you great libraries and almost no specs, so it was more like, here's the API, ignore what's behind it. You can't really say they were incapable of learning.

You can not win the game, and you are not allowed to stop playing. -- The Third Law Of Thermodynamics