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Comment: Re:Why? (Score 1) 126

by DigiShaman (#48938811) Attached to: Microsoft Launches Outlook For Android and iOS

Agree with the assessment of the iPhone. It's not needed. Android OTOH this is a godsend!!! I can't emphasize that enough. I've had to help many clients with all their various Android make/models; a few of them won't support Office365 without downloading a 3rd party mail client. iPhones? I never had problem unless public DNS records are missing or invalid (such as autodiscover SRV record for example).

Comment: It's not Exchange (Score -1, Troll) 62

by DigiShaman (#48929723) Attached to: Amazon Takes On Microsoft, Google With WorkMail For Businesses

If it's not Exchange based (Outlook anywhere), it's fucking useless to me.

Microsoft owns corporate e-mail; and for a damn good reason. Well, only because Lotus Notes sucks balls.

Oh, and Zimbra can suck my balls too. It's a worthless pile of shit that either munges e-mail and contacts, or is dicey at best on iPhones and Droids via IMAP.

Office365 hosted e-mail dominates going forward!

Comment: Re:And all this without Jobs (Score 1) 517

by DigiShaman (#48922671) Attached to: Apple Posts $18B Quarterly Profit, the Highest By Any Company, Ever


Jobs had many products and ideas already in the pipeline prior to his death. To my knowledge, the only thing new is iPhone+. There's nothing magical about that decision. By the numbers, the market was clear in that people wanted a phablet. So they took an iPhone and increased the size; BFD.

I'm convinced the Apple Watch will be a flop. But then again, the R&D spent can be applicable in other future products. That's part of the cost of doing business; absorbing and learning from failures and moving on.

Comment: Re: Or maybe it's because (Score 2, Interesting) 235

by DigiShaman (#48920161) Attached to: Gamma-ray Bursts May Explain Fermi's Paradox

Interestingly, I oftened wondered if it was in the interests of intelligent life to focus their "expansion" inward to cyberspace vs. outerspace; transcending their evolution via forgoing the flesh bodies to machines of silicon based computers (or some such). Meaning, we're looking in the wrong places.

Comment: Re:Escaping only helps you until a war. (Score 1) 335

by DigiShaman (#48913067) Attached to: Davos 2015: Less Innovation, More Regulation, More Unrest. Run Away!

Doesn't matter. Look at Mexico (and rest of South America). Noticed how the rich live in gated communities with 24h guards? Real power is in wealth disparity, and fuck the entire population and its future to get to the top. It's a parasitic mindset from, well, a parasite. Why have two maids when four can be had for the same price? As for that "price"?? Just a number, and numbers are meaning less if you can jet half-way around the world to purchase your luxuries when in necessary; perceived or otherwise.

Comment: Re: I use Kaspersky (Score 1) 467

by DigiShaman (#48890179) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Best Anti-Virus Software In 2015? Free Or Paid?

Kaspersky is good, but I'm not sure that I would trust them to be state sponsored free these days; if you know what mean.

Vipre Antivirus has been real good these last few years (will be using for personal use once my Kaspersky subscription runs out). Norton has also improved vastly too (lighter engine). Can't go wrong with either.

Comment: Re:But then don't some have to go FASTER than ligh (Score 1) 139

by DigiShaman (#48888093) Attached to: Scientists Slow the Speed of Light

So um, is the speed of light 299,792,458 m / s - (minus) infinity? Meaning, at C, both the creation and discretion of the universe is instantaneous. C, being a reference for all things happening/happened simultaneously?. Thus, Time being an illusion in the disparity between the two??

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