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Comment: Re:This is a good reminder for all technocrats (Score 1) 208

by DigiShaman (#48426703) Attached to: Lessons Learned From Google's Green Energy Bust

The only thing I've written about is that the invisible hand that magically creates solutions when they are needed does not exist

The "invisible hand" is by any other name evolution in action. And with regards to energy; either the market provides more supply, consumes less, or some combination thereof. Authoritative (top-down command and control) regimes/nations supplant evolutionary forces. Though I suppose it's all relative from where you stand within an organization when taken global society into account.

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Richard, I've lost clients because because these clients were 10+ employees or less running off a single Windows SBS box. It wasn't us. It was the fact IT was just too expensive in general. Running a business, especially a small was is exceedingly risky. They should be so lucky to afford rolling the dice ALONE! Many small business will just adhere to a BYOD policy with a NAS purchased from Best Buy. Yeah, good luck when Cryptolocker pulls you into bankruptcy.

Risk assessment; learn it, love it, above all else, accept it! Can't stand the heat? Get out of the kitchen!

BTW; you can't really duplicate an SBS box as it holds all the FSMO roles in addition to P2V testing being optional if they spend the time as a billable activity (assuming you can P2V with enough physical resources).

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THIS! Richard obviously works in a nice posh fortune 500 org where such resources are available to HIM. Meanwhile back int he real world for everyone else (Small Medium Business), rolling the dice is only option. As you said, it's all a risk/reward calculation as to when and where to be proactive with the expendature of resources.

I find the lambasting of "should do this retard" to be quite insulting. As employees, we don't always get that option to do what is theoretically in the best interests of the company we work for.

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Depending on the size of the organization: CxO's view is abstracted to only focus on the business side of things. Core concepts and paradigms that match expected work-flow and ROI. It's truly the the layers below that actually choose the tools (technology) and implement them. In some cases the CIO will choose the tool (being clueless and going on buzzwords features alone), but really it's the IT Director that does the implementation to make all that magic work.

CIO: I want product X because it does ZY. Make it happen #1 (IT Dir)!
IT Dir: Ok, but here are the prerequisites and expected time to completion. I have the OK? Good *cracks whip*. IT staff, start working on this new project. That include Network, Workstation, and Server group.

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