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Comment: Re:Buy Surge Protectors (Score 1) 77

I have seen lightning blow up electronics that were unplugged and sitting in the cardboard box. getting a hard strike 8 feet from the south wall where all the gear was going to be installed. Every single device was fried when we opened the boxes and hooked it up.

I'm guessing from the resultant EMP frying the gates on the chip? Or was there visible damage from stray lightning forking from the original bolt?

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So, there are these consoles called the SNES (Super Famicom), and the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive). Back in those days, we didn't have any of that shit to deal with. Oh, except for the long lines of picking up our copies of Street Fighter and Mortal Combat. Oh the simple days of bliss. All you poor bastards, why do you even bother?

Comment: Re:Modern Day Anti-Evolutionists (Score 1) 426

by DigiShaman (#47416159) Attached to: Climate Change Skeptic Group Must Pay Damages To UVA, Michael Mann

The real policy question is how we now radically reduce the population without war, pestilence, famine and death.

You DON'T!!!

Trying to force AGW change by stymying the global economy is a sure way of ending WW3 (which is happening now) with nuclear fallout. So when a nuclear winter comes about, you might be wishing we had more CO2 thrown in to offset the bitter man-made cold. God forbid it happen, it would still be pretty fucking ironic; being a self-fulfilling prophecy and all. But hey, at least the population is now reduced. Right? Right??!

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by DigiShaman (#47412747) Attached to: A Box of Forgotten Smallpox Vials Was Just Found In an FDA Closet

Why not destroy it? You and I along with the rest of us damn well know the virus has been sequenced and stored on file someplace. Not sure how trivial is it for a superpower's military complex, but pull the file and synthesize the virus again as a bioweapon with extra bonus features coded in. So again, why keep it physically around? Are we trying to usher in one of the four horseman or what?!

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Be a Nun, get none. You could start out by closing your legs. Get religion, get self-control; whatever, not my fucking problem!!! Deal with it yourself and don't ask others to pay for it. Otherwise, it IS my business so long as I'm paying for YOUR elected activities with MY tax dollars. Same goes for the men. You guys want to fuck around, get a vasectomy and pay for it your damn self!

Morons. I'm surrounded by fucking morons; literally!!!

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Votes. Hispanic children under 18 and mothers are both dependent groups that will vote Democrat for the government cheese. Fact! This is about a one party rule in play. Democrat party in power in perpetuity. Obama's legacy is dependent on solidifying power for the party. Democrats are no different in this regard than the CCP is in China. Absolute power, pure and simple!!!

The Military

Radical Dual Tilting Blade Helicopter Design Targets Speeds of Over 270mph 103

Posted by Soulskill
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Zothecula writes: As one of the contenders in the race to win a $100 billion contract from the U.S. government for the next generation of attack helicopter in the Army's Joint Multi-Role Technology Demonstrator (JMR-TD) program, AVX Aircraft Company has conceived a futuristic machine kitted out with coaxial rotors, ducted fans and a retractable undercarriage that could hit speeds of over 270 mph (435 km/h).

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