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by DigiShaman (#46776695) Attached to: Survey: 56 Percent of US Developers Expect To Become Millionaires

If interest rates go up, the price of homes could drop if not just level off. That's because people purchase a home based on what they can afford each month. Combine that with new laws now in place from the previous housing crash. Effectively, the banks are now making a profit rather then the home owner.

However all that said, Texas home prices aren't going anywhere but UP. Houston, Katy, Austin..etc. Exxon is the 2nd largest US company behind Google and is moving its HQ to the Woodlands which will employ 10,000 employees at the campus. Our governor has been poaching businesses from other states. People from said states are driving in droves to Texas. It's nuts! The traffic is getting worse and worse each year. Regardless, now the Chinese are investing in Texas real-estate which can only lead to a nasty bubble.

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Well YES! That's the Democrat (the politicians, not the voters) Party for you. Rules for them, and rules for everyone else. They actually believe in a caste based system. The idea being that if you accept your position in life, you'd be less inclined to fight for a higher standard of living. It makes management of a serfdom much easier along with the ease of accumulation of power.

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Ok, (1) what web portal? (2) when your email client is giving you a generic "something broke" message, how do you know to validate the password?

Occam's razor. It should be applied when troubleshooting.

E-mail passwords often expire on custom hosted servers. E-mail passwords for accounts hosted by your ISP, Gmail, Yahoo,, don't. Company hosted mail, yes, quite common for that to happen. Especially true of your using a company Exchange server as the credentials are tied back to Active Directory.

The only time I've ever broke down a TCP/IP dump file was when troubleshooting PPTP VPN connectivity over a Verizon air card seven years ago (SSL VPN; use it yeah yeah, I know..) The problem was that some segments of their network were configured differently depending on what cell tower you were communicating against. For whatever reason, Verizon had a problem in that it was breaking the GRE protocol. Eventually, we isolated which which of the three cell towers were causing the problem out in the field (refinery complex for safety crewmen needing to log with a remote laptop).

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H&R Block maybe more convenient, but YOU are still on the hook if they screw up somewhere. That's the law. With Turbo Tax and apps like it, you are still on the hook, but at least you have chance to go over it with a fine toothed comb before hitting the submit button. And BTW, Turbo Tax will catch any mistakes or discrepancies for you and alert you to the fact. It won't however catch any extra source of income or life changing events that you haven't already entered in.

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TurboTax. You get to keep a history and I've had to call their line for consultation once. I was pleased with how it all went. Their online FAQ forum was pretty useful in fact.

To each his own, but if your tax situation is really complicated, perhaps you're living a life beyond your pay grade? Or perhaps we should go with a fair tax system. It's way too bloated and complex as it is. If I was forced to do this on my own with nothing but paper and instructions from provided PDFs via IRS website, no doubt it would have been an epic failure for me.

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Wouldn't you have validated their password from the web portal side of things in the first place. That's sort of like trying to figure out how a lock works when you should have just turned the knob in the first place.

Some of you guys way over analyze shit by making mountains out of mole hills. 9 times out of 10, it's fucking user error!!!

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From a personal liberty POV, I agree. Your body, your temple, your choice. But (and there's always a but), drug addicts not only abuse themselves, but those around them. Specifically, the environment oft he children they're supposed to be caring for. We can always have CPS take the kids away, but that's a pretty fucked up situation for them to be dealing with in the first place.

I know "for the children" is way over abused in politics, but if there was ever a reason to espouse it, it's to combat drug abuse.

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If you can't run a red light, how can the red-light camera not be rigged to issue you a ticket. And other thing, red lights in some instances will *only* turn red when you arrive. It's called speed control. Oh, and Austin, TX loves to do this around 2am so that the green starts on an UP HILL! Fine, I'll burn more gas and contribute to global warming...with fucking glee!!!

Did I mention that I really hate the traffic in Austin and the bullshit timing of the lights there?

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A product or part revision often shares the same number. They shouldn't IMHO, but they do. The computer industry does it all the time. For example, RAM modules may undergo a revision but share the same part number. But because they are different, the memory timing is off and causing all sorts of problems. So you're forced to upgrade with the same revision. PSUs, Bluetooth modules, WiFi modules, HDDs, in laptops find this kind of crap going on all the time.

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